⚫ Does the VIP ticket include the ticket for Grand Open Qualifier or Classic Qualifier?
Yes, it includes the ticket for one of the two events that you choose.
When you will choose the event that you want to participate in, you will have to choose the level of the ticket. Unused side events can be converted into Tix for the Prize Wall. Every unused side event can be converted into 80 Tix. If you don't know, Tix can be used at our prize wall to convert them for items.

🟡 What's inside the VIP Goodie Bag?
Inside the VIP Goodie Bag you will find an exclusive Round 1 playmat (Diamond VIP Goodie Bags will include a premium playmat version), a deckbox, 80 sleeves, 140/280/420 Tix for the Prize Wall, according to the VIP level. Additional content will be announced soon.

⚫ What is a VIP Area?
The VIP area is a place that players who purchased a VIP gold or a VIP diamond ticket will have free access to.
You will have access to exclusive services such as free food and beverage, power stations for your devices and a relax area.
Additional content will be announced soon.

🟡 What is a Round 1 Pass?
A Round 1 Pass includes three qualifiers that you can choose from the three LMS: Bologna, Copenhagen and Paris, 4/6/8, based on the level you purchase, side events you can play in during the qualifiers, a goodie bag for each qualifier and access to the VIP area.
When you buy it, you'll get a discount code that can be used three times to buy your qualifiers.
Note: you need to do three different orders, one for each qualifier, in order to apply the discount correctly

⚫ If I qualify for the LEC Sofia, do I have to buy the event ticket?
No! The qualification includes your entry ticket to the event.

🟡 Does the prize structure include only cash prize?
No! More prizes will be announced soon!

⚫ Why is part of the question so small in the graphic content?
We just wanted to get your attention to the core of the questions.

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