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10th May 2022 from TwitLonger

Banned 2 Years ago Today

Hey guys, so 2 years ago i was banned and whatever, basically I just wanted to address what's actually been happening within the past 2 years as iv given like no clarity.

I never would of thought getting banned in a game would effect me so much, but ever since the ban, my mental health has been on a massive downfall and iv lost my motivation and ambition to even stream again or anything as I'm worried its gonna get taken away. Its been the worst 2 years of my life. I have been seeing a psychiatrist frequently and on meds and working through stuff. Even the ban hurt my family a bit as they watched everything i worked for get taken away and its horrible.

As for what im gonna do in future, im not sure. Im really surprised i still have a decent audience considering iv done nothing for 2 years but i genuinely really appreciate everyone so much. and as of recently, a lot of people have actually come out and said they don't think i cheat, even Serpent which was the guy that exposed me said i probably didnt cheat which feels good. I am still passionate for gaming and still want to continue an eSports career but I don't enjoy much right now and I need a whole new PC to play fortnite again and im not sure if thats worth the investment as I don't know if i will enjoy it. And i have a lot going on personally rn

This part is about why i was banned for the people that don't know, skip over this if u want

Iv addressed this a few times on twitter and in an interview but basically, 2 years ago i was getting errors in fortnite and i asked around and some guy in the com with like 2k followers said to get a spoofer cause he had similar issues, then i got a free spoofer and whatever and then that actually banned me obviously. I was aware that i probably shouldn't be using the spoofer regardless cause i tested it on another account before i used it on my main. its been 2 years since it happened, i don't care abt trying to defend myself or anything anymore just cause its been so long so thats what happened, don't try to argue abt it in replies cause idc ty.

Anyway, I am really grateful for the opportunities i had back then and i hope to find myself in a similar position sometime in the future. I love you all <3

I wouldn't of got to where i was without these people below
Spraz, Lachlan, AussieAntics, Vinylstar, Kahtaz, Looter, Jynx, and many more, Thank you

I hope you are all doing well, Thank you guys for everything <3



I want to kms and im sorry for not being inactive, the last 2 years have been really rough for me, im looking to still continue a esports career, im just not sure what game. Reason for ban is above ^. Im grateful for everything and i hope to play again in some game soon. For the meantime, im not sure what to do. I love you guys too

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