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25th Apr 2022 from TwitLonger


this is here so i don't have to repeat my storytelling 100x to people that care and ask

logistics: probably the biggest reason i/we failed, i won't expound on this because the team lives on. But we made some choices and I personally regret them because I ended up having to move a lot 1st season and spent 1.5seasons on someone's couch. I also only ever met 1 of my teammate, khazoobers for like 10 days. I've also been playing from US West to US East, so 80 ping, and 160 ping/waking up at 7-8am to play EU scrims. Those that know me know that that's an omEGAYIKERs. The team did everything they could to help financially, my daily meal, covid tests and flights were chipped in from the whole team. But as an Asian this took its toll on me for sure, it never feels right to be eating on someone else's dime (but my parents hehe xd im bak).

the games: i fully recognize how poorly i played in some officials, it got pretty fken ugly at times xD sorry. my lawyer scant told me to hold back on details re: this because it can harm my future prospects. Sorry yall will have to wait for my book when i retire.

my teammates: at the end of the day, I feel like it was a shit scenario for everyone, and in their own way, everyone tried their best. I still firmly believe if we had a bootcamp we would've been able to bond and iron out a lot of issues that we had, and that positive effect would be compounded daily for two seasons straight.

the change: after we lost I wanted things to change, because i was still going to be living in some random ass place(ily insertfail) + not meet my teammates in the next season. i didn't believe the same setup was going to work anymore. i voiced out my intentions to switch back to playing 4, and that i don't expect the team to want to gamble on me playing 4 if they have a better existing option. They also wanted to have a new system, and in ways you'd understand once its announced, I had to make way for this to happen. So in some :heavy copium smoking: ways this was mutual.

shoutout to ccnc i learnt so much from him and he was such a great teammate. hes not a dirty twitter using rat hence the him & not "you". I hecking love CCnC BatChest

I wish the very very best for my comrades, also ty QCY twitter guy. No beef and no hard feelings towards anyone. Except Nightfall that guy's bullying me 2 seasons and tipping me all day long when I get gud enough to shove it down his throat I will do so, no holding back. I respect the fk out of his gameplay esp in the lane, but man is he an asshat. Bulba i know you're reading this let him know.

future: gonna go meet my gf in australia, i haven't seen her for almost 2 years. gonna go back and climb to top10 using my newfound confidence to be as highskill as any t1 player. will do micless streams everyday, pop by to watch ads to give me money pls, ty :)


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