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17th Apr 2022 from TwitLonger

Every streamer should be aware of situations like this and protect themselves.

I never thought I would have to write one of these but here we are. You can take the time to read this or don't but no one should have to go through what I'm going through right now. I didn't even want to write this because I know the fight and storm that is going to begin as soon as I hit send but I need to get out in the front of this.

There is a person in the community that was always in my chat. He was always an insane gifter and donator....well now I see he is just literally insane. I am purposely not naming him yet as I am trying to avoid doing so. You'll see why as you read on. Over time he has sent me tons of money via PayPal, Twitch, Fanhouse, Streamlabs and buymeacoffee. I never had reason to believe he was a threat and continued to be thankful for his kindness. He is supposedly a millionaire and that info is an easy google search away as he is a public figure in the music industry. So, I was always under the impression that he just had tons of money and liked using it to support the people he wanted to - like me.

A few weeks ago, everything went south. He expressed a romantic interest in me and I declined. After that he basically said, "That was a lot of money I sent you. You knew I had a crush on you. You lied to me and now I want all that back."

He then began disputing all his paypal transactions. That pushed me THOUSANDS into the negative. I have been fighting with them and today I received word that his bank decided in his favor. Now I have to pay all that back. There is no appeal process as he sent it all via "family and friends" and paypal considers that a "trusted person" so there is no protection for me.

I saw yesterday that he has begun with Twitch now. My monthly income for this month is in the negative and now I have no idea how many disputes he will ultimately end up doing, how long it will take to fight it, whether they will even approve on my behalf AND how long I will be without a paycheck.

This is not his first rodeo. He always begins the disputes on a Friday so I have to wait until a Monday to speak to anyone.

He sent me a "lawsuit" addressed to me and my husband on the 10th stating that I need to pay him back the amount of $5000 under the guise of "romance fraud". Basically, because I kept receiving his money knowing full well he had a crush on me....I led him on and that means I committed a crime. I don't think I need to explain to any of you how ridiculous that is and he has no leg to stand on. It states that I have to pay him $5000 by the 24th or he will pursue criminal charges. 🙄

He got ahold of all of my personal information including phone number, husband's phone number, address, names, children's names and other personal info that he said he will leak publicly if I don't give him the $5000. He stated that he will do anything in his power to make me look like I asked for this and will destroy my name, my brand and ultimately have me banned from Twitch. I know he can't do that. He can however, doxx me. He has all the info. I'm guessing his lawyer friend got all the info for him. Not too sure. He may have dug through Google to find it and that kind of scares me.

He said he would go to any extent including making up whatever he needs for "proof". Then he blocked me on Instagram. Unfortunately for me, that's where our communication was and now I cannot access any of it to screenshot as I can no longer see our chat. I feel so stupid for not screenshotting as it was playing out but it all happened during about an hour time frame.

Y'all, I have no idea what this dude is capable of or how dangerous he can be.

I know he is going to see this and I know he is going to make up anything he can to make it seem like he is still a good guy since he is a "rockstar" or whatever but he is plain and simply a psycho.

To the person, I want you to know that if you put ONE SINGLE PIECE of my personal info online, I will sue you for everything I can. And trust me, I have a very good lawyer. I will also name you here. You wanna play ball, we can play. I will not roll over. I will not be taken advantage of. You took from me and my children and as a mother, you have unlocked a side of me that I didn't want anyone to see. You will not get away with this. Stop now and fade away somewhere far away from me and my community. I'm not a pussy and I'm not weak. You severely mistook my capabilities.

In closing, I'm not sure what the end of this all will look like. I don't know if I will be able to attend GCX due to my financial situation through all of this or if I will have to get a second job in the meantime. What I do know is that I will not be taken advantage of. I really appreciate that he donated during my months of no internet as that was the only thing floating me. What I don't appreciate is him doing it knowing it was all a game for him to get what he wanted. When he didn't get it, this is where I have landed. Thank you all for taking the time to read this.

My best advice, if it seems too good to be usually is. Don't get screwed.

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