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11th Apr 2022 from TwitLonger

Hacking Situation.

I'm sorry for disappointing the community but I have to start by saying I made a mistake last night on stream, yes those were blatant boxes and I did get caught but as dumb as the excuse sounds I was honestly started getting the hacks for camos. I started playing challengers had a team after getting rounded almost every challengers cup didn't have enough pro points to be playing with players that I thought were my skill level, I grinded my ass off when ranked play came out and fucked my sleep schedule and grinded 10-15 hours a day to show who I actually was. I know none of yall are going to believe me but I wanna say I'm sorry to the people played with, I didn't wanna ruin anyone's rep I didn't wanna ruin mine obviously. In the clip you can clearly tell I just had got the cheats, I was very naive with the software/hacks. As most of you know you're allowed to hide the boxes off your stream if you're a good hacker. I'm in loss of words of the actions I had done, I had seen ranked play get dropped and decided to just grind that after I was not known enough to be playing with people that are either my skill level or known that would help me with the path, I never put into mind that I wanted to go pro or anything just always thought call of duty was a way of entertainment and distress. I had made #2 in ranked legitimately so I started streaming to get my name out in the community and that's how it started. I was playing SnD $8s throughout the game before I played comp, I scrimmed everyday when I had the passion with the team. I wasn't thinking when I had made the process of buying these cheats. Its sad and had brought tears to my eyes knowing I did this to myself and what I've even done to others I had played with. I have email receipts of me registering and the purchase of the cheats, I know this community and none of yall are going to believe me. I just want to make this an apology and not sympathize on this act. But there's no other way than making this tweet for you guys to understand my behalf, other than people you guys are hearing from make shit up. I don't wanna hide from this shit I will never rebrand and will always be "plehx" or "plehxify" cause if I change it makes everything more obvious and worse, I had confessed it right away as it had happened. Either way, yes I know this is wrong. I am not sure if I will ever tweet on this account or stream, BUT if I do I will forever monitor cam and show that I am not hacking and I am better than the actions I had took as I will also show myself at LANs if I get the opportunity. I am not reaching for clout or want sympathizing as I said, I have no idea what in the world I was doing, As you know I have proof and I will post the proof underneath this tweet. Blows my mind knowing I did this honestly, So for those of you that don't believe me I understand. As the proof shows, "Artificial Aiming" is the website that has the cheats. - Once again I am sorry for the actions I have made, I will never cheat In anything again, I understand what it does to the people on the other side as well as myself, I have played against them before its not fun. I am a true competitor and I have what it takes to be good without the cheats. But as far as competing goes and even streaming I don't know where it goes from here. I apologize.

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