SAAM ( sexual assault awareness month ) !!

TW: r/pe, SA might include other triggering topics.

Hey hey guys... this is rlly difficult to post for me but it’s SA awareness month and I just wanted to share my story... to show that , if you’re going through this, you’re not alone but also to bring awareness to this topic bc it is still happened way to often to so many people.

I’m a victim / survivor of CSA and SA. I’ve been sexually assaulted as long as I can remember from a family member... he made me think it is normal and that family does things like that.. I never told anyone bc I was scared and bc it always happened when I made mistakes. It was almost like a punishment. It started when I was four yrs old and ended when I was 16. In those years I went through hell... bc it wasn’t just sexual assault but also abuse in every other way..

After I turned 16 I was thinking it’s finally over.. bc the person wasn’t in my life anymore. I lived alone with my mum and sister now. Sadly it wasn’t... every guy I trusted with my story and myself sadly did the same thing or shamed me for what happened.
years later I met up with one of my friends father... so That I could give him the surprise present for my friend since I couldn’t be there for the bday. It happened again...
after all these things that happened... I’m scared to leave the house.. I can’t do things on my own anymore.. only if someone I trust goes with me. All these things broke me and I’m still working on getting better... and and please if you’re struggle don’t make the same mistake as I did.. talk and go to people. It’s not your fault that all this is happening to you. You can and will survive this. You’re not alone... and if you need someone to talk to pls, my DM’s are always open. 🤍

This is chaotic and messy and I’m sorry for the typos..

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