"A Step Closer"

TL;DR: I'm kinda done making these videos, but will still do them randomly sometimes just for fun.

I won't be stopping completely, like I am "done" but it's definitely not like I've made my last video is what I'm saying. I will always be a shitposter at heart and I will always enjoy shitposting, but there will no longer be a schedule for it, it'll no longer be an objective of mine. It'll be at random, very infrequently, ones ones I really wanna do, when I have the time and energy, when I really feel like it. For YouTube subscribers, the channel won't be spamming other types of shit into your sub box, it'll be the same stuff as always, just waaayyy less often. Still no ads. Do not expect the videos to be better just because there's less of them, in fact they may be even worse, it'll pretty much just be ones I really wanna do, and you know I have shit taste.

So... WHY? Well, a few main reasons. I'm sorry, I wanted to try to keep this brief but I just care a lot and have a lot to say, so it's going to be kind of a long read. Don't worry, nothing I'm about to say is serious. Like, I'm not about to reveal I'm dying or anything, so please release any dire tension you may be feeling about reading this, it's nothing too serious. I'm *completely* okay and healthy and stuff, really, do not worry. And also, if you're not *that* interested, then it's totally okay if you don't read it at all. This is more for the folks who are pretty invested and do care a lot about what's up, which I know isn't most of you and that's totally fine.

Reason 1: Fun. It's not that my heart is no longer into shitposting, but it's no longer into doing it on a schedule. It's kinda funny, I only started the daily schedule as a fun challenge to myself two years ago, before I really had much other work going on so I had the time for it. I'm kinda surprised I've kept it this long. The schedule has honestly been really fun to have, and resulted in some amazing stuff I probably wouldn't have done without it. But I'm definitely finally hitting a point where I would enjoy shitposting more as a fun random thing sometimes. Please, PLEASE know I have seriously enjoyed every video I have worked on. I was never miserably slaving away or ruining my health or anything, my wife wouldn't let me if I tried lmao, I was never cynically "just banging these fuckin things out", each one brought me genuine delight and each one made me laugh. Especially the ones that really sucked. They have all been made with love. I hope it shows in the work.

Reason 2: Interest. I have never wanted to milk this to death, it was always my plan to stop if folks ever really fell out of love with it, which I know hasn't happened yet, but I have seen, over a long period of time, a pretty slight but steady decline in the numbers for my videos. Let me be very clear here, they have not TANKED, there are still SO many folks who really enjoy my videos every single day, and I am so thankful for each and every one of you. The numbers, even with this slight decline, is more than my wildest dreams for literally anything I would ever make in my life, and I mean that.

But I do feel like the bit of a slow dip I've observed is the internet's polite way of *starting* to say, "Ok we kinda get it lol", which to be honest, I somewhat agree with myself. I still enjoy it, but even as a viewer of my own channel (which I am if that makes sense), I have come to feel a little over the daily schedule from me. I don't wanna ride it til the fun's dead, you know? Might as well stop before we ge to that point. I'd rather step off gracefully ahead of time, while *most* people still feel pretty fondly about the work, and be onto the next thing in my life. Never go full Simpsons, right?

However, please don't think of this as a statement against voiced memes in general, or against daily video schedules, or against other VAs who do what I do. I love and support all of those, and I'll be listing off some other great ones at the end of this for you to check out. I am specifically speaking about my own channel, and my own experiences. I don't think this stuff I'm saying applies to them the way it applies to me.

Reason 3: Career. I won't lie to you, this is my actual primary reason for making this decision. I need more time to try to build a career in VO. I have always seen myself as a voice actor first, and everything else I do (Twitch, YouTube), as extra. I want to work on games, animations, anime, commercials, cheap hentai (I'm serious), all kinds of fun stuff. I just enjoy doing my best contributing voiceover to things, I want it to be what I build a life of. This is the craft I have loved and tried to hone for over 11 years now. I've had so many more amazing opportunities lately, there are some insanely big projects I got to work on just this week alone, and I really want to make the most of them and press the advantage in my pursuit of a career in VO. I do not know I will succeed, but I know I need to give it my all, which means I need to give it more time and focus than I am able to when I have to make sure there is a new video for each and every day.

I need to be out there auditioning more, maybe get repped by some agencies, get on some more rosters, replace my old shitty demos with new shitty demos, fix up the website, see if there's work locally, maybe check out some other VO hotspots up here like Vancouver or Montreal, spend more time really connecting with people (so many important chats I just don't have because I never have the time to reach out to folks), collaborating with people, and honestly work to improve at a core level, maybe finally take some VA classes, despite doing this for over a decade I've never taken a class, I'm still entirely self taught. I have a lot to learn still and I definitely know that. Just lots of stuff like this I need to do which I have been unable to find the hours for.

So, for the Patreon... I have completely opened it up. Every post I have ever made on there is now fully public. There are no more exclusive rewards. Previously, those at the $5 tier would get access to the full library of all the voice files for all my shitposts, but now anyone can go get them. Go nuts, have fun, I am unleashing them upon the world. I'd love to see what folks do with those files. There's also a little text blurb I tried to write about each post, honestly I don't think most of what I wrote is interesting and wouldn't normally have written it at all but I felt like if folks were going to be kind enough to donate I could at least try to give a little bit of my thought process or something for each video.

Many of you who are pledged to me on there may want to take back your support now that you know there is no exclusive reward for it and I'm no longer *doing* the thing you were supporting me to do anymore, and to that I say: ABSOLUTELY, no problem at all, I totally figured, do not even WORRY about it. I do not expect anyone to keep up their pledge, if you actually do... Holy fucking shit, thanks, I don't even know how to respond if a lot of people do that, but anyway, I'm not planning for it, so yeah please do not be afraid to delete your pledge to me. I'm okay! The Patreon will remain up as a little tip jar, and mainly, a public library of all my shitposts and their affiliated voice files, and I will continue to add new ones there as well whenever they do happen.

For all of you who supported the Patreon, at any point, no matter how brief, whether you're cancelling or not... Thank you so much. It literally completely worked. It meant I was able to spend so much time every month focusing on just shitposting and not be afraid about how I needed to focus on what would pay the bills instead. I will be thankful for that kind of unbelievable support for the rest of my life. I can't believe something like that can even happen.

As for my streaming on Twitch, this will probably stay exactly the same schedule as it has been, ideally three days a week. I miiiight be able to stream more sometimes with this change? But it is NOT my focus for why I am cutting back memes. I don't want you to think I'm dropping the content you like in favor of streaming more, that's really not what I'm looking to do, I love streaming but it's not my main thing (and it pays kinda shit tbh, support the small streamers you like, they probably need it lol).

And hey, if you find yourself really missing a specific character's voice from me, feel free to swing by and drop a request in the jar, or listen to the many other requests that come through. The Twitch viewers are way funnier than I am honestly. I'm basically like a human jukebox that spits out the most awful shit you have ever heard. Here's the Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/GetGianni and if you really prefer YouTube I do archive all the VODs on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/GetGianni.


But, as you hopefully know, I am far from the only person doing fun voiced shitposts online. I have made some nice pals whose videos I often enjoy, and I'm going to recommend them all to you to give you even more of this type of stuff if you want it.

Luke Correia - This guy... MY BROTHER IN ARMS... I am so proud to have been at his side with for all this. His friendship has really made me feel so much less alone with this fun little journey. He has let me continue to participate in these monthly fundraisers, and together we've turned all these stupid memes into so much good in the world, raising thousands and thousands of dollars for charity. His videos are amazing, he's a fantastic guy with an upstanding ethics, and of course an amazing sense of humor. You probably already do support him, but if not, I highly recommend it. YouTube: http://youtube.com/LukeCorreia Twitter: https://twitter.com/LukeCorreiaVA

VoiceQuills - She's become a real pal over time, she's one of the people helping make sure my Twitch streams are actually entertaining, and she does the same kind of videos I do. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/VoiceQuills Twitter: https://twitter.com/VoiceQuills

Seigi VA (Justice Washington) - He is one of my absolute closest friends. He and I met forever ago, when he recruited me onto some Overwatch projects (I voiced Gabriel Reyes heheh). Over time, he's really become one of the most important people in my life, and he and I (along with TaschDraws) actually do a weekly Twitch stream currently on Wednesdays at 3PM Eastern. If you'd like to learn more about our streaming group "The Grifters", you can do so here: https://grifters.carrd.co/, but for Seigi, he currently doesn't do memes too much but does a good amount of what I genuinely consider to be the best there is in comic dubs. His posts may not be very frequent, but they are GOOD. Hey, why not have some gold slip into your feed sometimes? YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/SeigiVA Twitter: https://twitter.com/Seigi_VA

funnywes - This lovely lady does some of the best voiced shitpost content online, she seems to mostly focus on MGS and specifically Revengeance but dips into some other stuff sometimes too. Her voice for Raiden is actually my favorite voice for Raiden period, including even the official one lmao. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2GbA2x1p6jfUITYjl4R-ig Twitter: https://twitter.com/funnywes

Zane Schacht (VoicesByZane)- This fucking guy rocks so much. I'm very thankful he's become a friend of mine, he's such a good dude, and to me I really see him as this amazing VO workhorse. He just has so many character archetypes you can slot him in for, he strikes me as such a classic working actor. Holy shit, even *I* didn't know he had a YouTube channel until just now. I think he mostly focuses on Twitter but yeah I guess he uploads some stuff to YouTube too so yeah you should support him. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcLzLQP90b26wXnBleS33jg Twitter: https://twitter.com/VoicesByZane

Solid JJ - This dude amazes me because he can actually write, me, I just find funny pictures and read what they say most of the time, but he writes out these funny sketches and voices them with great comedic VO and they're really super entertaining. YouTube: https://youtube.com/SolidJJ Twitter: https://twitter.com/SolidusJJ

Tom Schalk - What do I even say about Tom... I call him The Evergreen Man because his stuff just stays good forever. He's so immensely talented, he honestly blows me out of the water in every single way, I aspire to be as solid of a professional as he is when it comes to voiceover. One day this guy will be legendary in the industry, one of the top names, I am sure of it. And Tom loves him some good shitposting, and he is AMAZING at it. It's funny to see where we both are now, when I think back to seeing him float around with me in the old days on Newgrounds. I liked him then, but I love him now. Definitely check him out. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/TomSTheChannel Twitter: https://twitter.com/TomStheVoice

Chris Voiceman - I love Chris, he's cool and has become a real pal over time. And not just because he is a fellow Chris Redfield enjoyer. He's really great in general and I love all his stuff but he does deserve a special medal because he also does awesome MUSIC shitposts too which is a talent I can only aspire to comprehend one day. YouTube: https://youtube.com/ChrisVoiceman Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChrisVoiceman

Little V Mills - Speaking of music, so like, you *probably* know about Little V, he's a godlike musician and amazing at what he does, super cool dude, hopefully you all love him, but what I want to let you know is he actually got into doing some music memes basically, and they are awesome and really fun, I've seen them dropped into the comments as reaction videos and they're fantastic. Then you know, fall into a hole of listening to all his music for your entire workout like what always happens to me. YouTube: https://youtube.com/LittleVMills Twitter: https://twitter.com/LittleVMills

P.M. Seymour - Actually going way back to when I started on Newgrounds, I have always looked up to Seymour, I thought they were just so awesome and doing so much impressive stuff with VO, it has been really good to continue to see them succeed. And of course, as you may know, they do fun Tumblr readings, some little memes, and some solid comic dubs. Seymour has honestly become the voice in my head whenever I'm looking at a comic from FlorkOfCows. YouTube: https://youtube.com/SeymourVAA Twitter: https://twitter.com/PatMSeymourVA

Evan Maple - Evan is honestly incredible, I think he's an extremely underrated voice talent (for now) and he's got a great sense of humor and loves shitposts. You might have heard his Engi being told to cope, seethe, and mald by his Scout, yes that was him. Don't sleep on this one, I'm telling you. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHMfPszztUDmw6QGztY2sPQ Twitter: https://twitter.com/EvanMapleVO

Skurleton (Gehrig Schreiber): GEHRIG LIVES...!! He's a pal of mine, he technically wrote the meme I'm attaching to this announcement, you may know him as the Kingpin Mets guy, and you might not have heard much about him lately merely because he made the healthy choice of getting off Twitter. It's not my place to go into his personal details, but I will tell you he's doin' fine, just up to some other stuff, and he's still as funny and good at what he does as ever, and still posts a fun meme once in a while over on YouTube. Definitely worth checking out if you like my videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_OCxBObG9R5SRzpeLWf5NA

Jehtt - Yeah Jehtt is honestly incredible, I have only been getting into his videos recently but honestly I need to catch up with more of them because every single one I've seen has been amazing. Does a lot of Sonic stuff, which is always fun. Check him out. YouTube: https://youtube.com/SmashJet Twitter: https://twitter.com/TurboJehtt

Uncle Al - This dude's on another level, it miiight be too good to qualify as shitposting, I'm trying to limit this list to mostly "voice actors I know who shitpost their voice acting", but I'm throwing him in anyway even though I actually haven't gotten too close with him, I'm not sure if he even knows I exist, and I haven't even watched all his videos, but every one I've seen is just nuts. Really great stuff, if you like my videos you will probably like his. YouTube: https://youtube.com/UncleAlShow Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheUncleAlShow

W. Blake Kimbler - I like this dude, he does a lot of fun comic dubs and other miscellaneous memes, he's been working more lately to get into building a career in VO too, I see him really spooling up some important stuff, so hopefully you'll be hearing us both in some projects someday. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcIk-MXb__UcF7GNl6FDxBw Twitter: https://twitter.com/WBlakeKimber

Alright, uh... sorry lmao. I did not realize that the recommendations section was going to be longer than the actual statement I was making today. Sorry. Worse yet I know for sure I'm forgetting some people I really love, I'm gonna feel terrible later when I remember. But yeah those are some other creators you can check out if you want similar types of videos. I would love to collab with all of these people (and many more) sometime, so with any luck you will hear me in their stuff sometime too. I'm hoping by opening up more time for myself, I'll be able to squeeze in more fun collabs with people I know and like. Try to connect a little more. I have been too distant from people because I've just been slammed busy all the time, so I want to give myself some wiggle room to change that and get to know folks a little more.


I've been trying to NOT word this so that it sounds like a teary goodbye because... I am still just as around lmao. I'll still be on the internet and everything. I assume I'll become *slightly* less "relevant", but honestly folks, I really don't care too much about fame. I never set out to be popular, my objective has always been to be a good worker. To make a career out of doing the job I love, voice acting, by doing good work with good folks who I continue to work with through the years. That's all I'm really after. There is absolutely no denying that the popularity has helped me immensely with attaining that, but I'm afraid to report that my taste of fame has not overwhelmed me with some wild and fascinating lust for it. No, sorry, I'm not that interesting. I still just wanna do a good job, finish the job, have a burger and play some video games.

I just happened to enjoy shitposting, and, well, all you lovely folks happened to enjoy it too. And on that little thing we had in common, you all changed my life in a way I am thankful for every single day. I have spent this whole time telling myself "If all this shit was gone tomorrow and I was back to working retail, I'd just be thankful for having had the experience." Thanks to your continued support, that time never came (or at least not yet). But it kept me humble, and it kept this all in perspective for me how lucky I really am. I don't want you to think I've taken it for granted for even a single moment. It's insane to have been able to build all I have off the back of shitposts. What a dream come true. I think about it all the time, and it's all because of you. Thank you.

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