LFP (Looking for Player)

Hello! It's been a long time since I've been active on social media. I took some time to relax and focus on my personal life. I joined a team with some friends and played in the current ESL Challenger Season (we’re currently in contention for relegation). At first, it started out as a casual experience. I wasn’t in-game leading, because I just wanted to rediscover my identity and confidence. As time went on, I’ve grown a great appreciation for my new teammates: David, Jacob, Silas, and Brody. I see the skill, potential and hunger that they have, and I’d like to see where I can take this team. My passion is rekindled, and I feel confident to lead in-game again. However, we’ve decided to part ways with David (Delta9). He was a great teammate and he remains a great friend to all of us. This means that we are looking for a new player to join our team, as well as a coach. I’ve been taking a close look at players performing well in the ESL Challenger division as well as the Advanced division of ESEA, but the purpose of this message is to reach a broader audience and gauge interest from some talented North American prospects. Feel free to contact me or my teammates if you’re interested in this project. Thank you!

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