Regarding xigneon/xignia krulcifer, sexy sunday

I know this topic has been lightly touched apon before, but i feel like now would be the perfect time to give a much more in depth look into exactly what happened.

Backing things up a little bit, we begin at late 2018-early 2019 when he was still posting clips of sexy sunday to youtube. This is how i, and many others had first discovered its existance. I had came across the clips one day while browsing vrchat content. This caused me to take an interest in his content and then followed his channel on youtube. Around march of 2019 i had just recently got fbt, and at random in a public lobby i met, and eventually slowly befriended flameknight7. It was this friendship that started so many of my connections in vrc, and eventually led to meeting xigneon ingame for the first time. It was one of flameknight's friday night lobbies not long after xigneon managed to get unbanned after the incident in june 2019 regarding the sexy sunday clips on youtube, that i had managed to end up with xigneon as a friend ingame. This led to my first attendance as a guest a few weeks later at sexy sunday, and i had ended up as a regular there as a result of that first experience.

As for my own dancing, i had started to ask friends to show me the ropes roughly mid june of 2019. Thats when i had started practicing lapdancing. At the beginning of july 2019 i had enough confidence in myself to apoly for my first club, club zodiac. After applying, i was eventually accepted on as a lethal ladies dancer. Due to how their collab at the time had already been scheduled, my debut as a dancer ended up being the infinity II 4 club collab dance event lasting 4 hours. And then my debut at zodiac ended up being the next day. Towards the later half of july 2019 i bought a pole and took up learning pole dancing in vrchat aswell.

This all sets the stage for declaring my intent to apply to sexy sunday to xigneon. After meeting all of the requirements to apply, i sent my application in. And on september 3, 2019 became a part of the sexy sunday team.

Looking back at things, he took a huge gamble letting someone with only a few months of experience in. But i was determined to live up to what people had expected of a sexy sunday dancer, and started practicing alot. And that eventually led to that desire to live up to people's expectations of a sexy sunday dancer being why i continued to push myself so hard even up to 2021 where the next part of all of this comes in.

In the latter part of april of 2021, xigneon had annouced internally that he would be ending sexy sunday at the end of the next month (may 2021). This is where the shit started to hit the fan. Upon reception of the annoucement all of us said our pre-emptive goodbyes, how much fun we all had, and that we all hoped to keep in touch. A close knit, small sized team like we were would end up forming bonds. Once xigneon saw this, he said:

Now mind you, at this point he hadnt done anything with his community besides celebrating his discord reaching 10000 members, since 2018. So it is unknown to me how he truly felt regarding his community. Not long after that he kept getting increasily irate at his community asking for sexy sunday/vrc content. Y'know the content that is literally the entire reason he had a career in the first place.

Seriously, go look at the analytics. The further from vrchat he went the lower his numbers went. He is of the mindset that simply rebranding from xigneon to xignia krulcifer would be enough to free him from his legacy of sexy sunday/ vrchat content.

Which is a complete load of shit. He has used the nickname xignia to refer to the persona of his using a female presenting voice for years. To my knowledge, sexy sunday was the very first lapdance event at all in vrchat. The content he had put out regarding sexy sunday had inspired many to pick up vrchat, many to start learning lapdancing themselves, and even lead to more venues popping up and seeing that this was possible. Many of the dancers around back then looked up to sexy sunday as the gold standard of lapdancing. To think he can rid himself of that multi year legacy with just a simple rebrand is laughable.

And then we were all sharing our experiences with him, we all looked back at our welcome pings, and he always had something negative to say about everyone who had joined. The following is mine. I was not out yet as trans at this point.

Which leads into him making the knowledge of  the impending ending public.

As you can see there was quite the amount of sad reacts to this as people saw the annoucement. Understandably people would be sad and confused as to what was going on. He got so irate at this, that he scrubbed the channel related to sexy sunday of recent messages and then locked it

It was at this point i had left as i could not stand to see him disrespect his community any further. My leaving after this, along with another dancer's only served to anger him further.

Even after all of this, the rest of the team tried to part ways the best we could. Fast foreward a few months later. One of his previous, and longest serving mods before stepping down over this, was confirmed to have passed away. To my knowledge he is aware of this, but as of making this, has still not said anything publicly about it after over half a year. Nor was he at the memorial we held in vrc for this person.

Around a month later is when he started on the rebrand. The dancers were all blocked on twitter, twitch, kicked from his discord. After literally not bothering him at all since all of this happened. This is what caused halfy to make her now deleted tweet calling him out for doing that.

Its no secret he was a nightmare to deal with in private. Not long after i had joined sexy sunday i had found someone with his ripped model. Not really knowing what to do i went to security first. Because i felt that was the right course of action at the time. Because i did not tell him first, despite not knowing what to do, he got mad at me for that

This is pretty much what dealing with him in private was like. We all felt like we were walking on thin ice/stepping on eggshells every time this would happen. And he was known for making multiple people, myself included, cry because of how rude he was. So i resolved to purely go to security after that.

Alot of you see me mention phoenix palace a large amount. I even wear the logo of it on the back of a few of my models.A few days after the annoucement of sexy sunday ending was made, the first baby steps were took into what would eventually become phoenix palace. And yes, we named it phoenix palace on purpose because it shortens to pp. A discord was made, and eventually almost everyone from sexy sunday save for 1 bodyguard, and one dancer joined. Even despite all of this we did end up asking xig a total of 2 times to hand over sexy sunday to us, because copyrights are a thing. Each time he got more irate. Which he was then saying that it wouldnt be the same without him, and that people didnt go to sexy sunday for the dancers, but solely for him.

With our attempts to have a peaceful transfer of sorts resulting in failure, we continued on with our plans in the background while the last few sexy sunday events happened. Our goal with phoenix palace was to continue on as a team, at the same time, and on the same day as we were at sexy sunday. But this time we had full control of everything could run it as we pleased. Eventually, once the last sexy sunday had ended, we made knowledge of phoenix palace public. Well over 100 guests had joined within 24 hrs. Xigneon eventually ended up finding out about phoenix palace, but wanted people to know that he was not , and will never be involved. Which would kind of defeat the entire point of making the group in the first place. So it was decided that a month would pass between the opening of the discord to guests, and our grand opening. On the night of the grand opening, halfy had made a small oversight and forgot to lower the world cap from 40 soft/80 hard to 30 soft/60 hard. Interestingly this small oversight had resulted in over 70 people in attendance for the grand opening. Which is more than any sexy sunday had ever had due to using the 30/60 cap. Phoenix palace has continued to grow, and the torch theoretically passed down from sexy sunday. A phoenix rising from the ashes if you will.

So you might be wondering with sexy sunday gone, what drives me to continue to improve so much. I do take note of all of the comments regarding my dancing, and how alot of people see me as one of the best out there at what i do. While not being vain enough to see myself that way, i also do not want to disappoint those who do see me that way. So i dedicate loads of time to improving myself.

To close out this twitlonger:
On the eve of xigneon's  "debut" as xignia (despite referring to himself as a virtual youtuber atleast as far back as 2019); is this really the person you want to support? Now you have more information on what went on behind the scenes.

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