Hello everyone,

I apologize for the prolonged silence. I have been exercising self-restraint in public communications while negotiations are going on and we don’t want to publicly cast doubts on Karel’s opposite approach to public statements, no matter how counterproductive they are.

I’d like to ask you to understand that I won’t publicly engage every statement and claim that Karel makes, even when I consider them incorrect, accusatory, misleading or inflammatory, because I don’t believe it would be good for the project and the community and would only prolong the process and delay further development.

However I need to address an important subject. Today, Karel publicly released a new version of the whitepaper, signed "Karel Hulec, MBA & Tomas Mariancik, March 2022.". >>I have NOT signed this document, this was done unilaterally by Karel allegedly on my behalf and without my consent.<< Nor did I have enough time (less than a day) to review it before its public release.

This is despite my numerous previous private requests to obtain my or any other team member’s consent before any public statements or actions are made involving them or their name. Karel had only sent the draft in private a day ago (which was my first time seeing the document) and did not wait for my response before releasing it to the wider public.

I consider using my name in a form of a signature without my consent to violate my personal rights.

As most of you know, I'm the creator, designer and lead developer of Neos and FrooxEngine that it’s powered by. I’ve put over 8 years of my life into this project from its earliest forms, releasing hundreds of updates every year, with much of the changes based on your feedback, reports and ideas, hoping that together we improve it bit by bit.

I stand together with the rest of the team (signed below this post), who have been making a number of contributions not only to the code and official content itself, but also the platform and community as whole. Together, we have invested years of our own lives into getting this platform to where it is today, despite no or low pay, because we all share the same passion.

Our goal is to continue doing what we’ve been doing the best - keep developing this project with your help and support, because we believe that the only way to build a good metaverse must always come from that deep passion first and foremost and must always consider people for who is this project their second home, place for work, learning, socializing and sharing their creativity with everyone.

We no longer believe that there is any space for Karel in our shared goal, even though he has done a number of things to help the project outside of its development. As such we have been working on a fair dissolution of our cooperation with him over the past months, but it has been taking longer than we hoped. On behalf of the whole team, I’d like to ask you for more patience. We're doing what we can, because we’ve been itching to get things moving again for a while, but certain legal matters need to be settled first.

Our proposal would also let Karel independently implement and distribute NCR functionality on top of our work, but as a 3rd party solution, under a company solely under his ownership and direction and derive value from our development efforts for NCR holders. We will no longer provide first party support ourselves and at the same time we will not be further involved with any NCR related decisions and actions.

Many of the recent transfers of tokens to liquidity isn’t something that we understand and something nobody on the team was consulted or informed on. Any actions regarding NCR are done purely by Karel and therefore he holds full responsibility. Our goal is to still use the funding for its actual intended purpose - development of this project.

Karel’s unilateral actions with the new whitepaper, together with a number of his actions regarding NCR and funding, both public and private, have led to significant doubts on me and my team’s side in regards to Karel’s handling of NCR, crypto and business. I do not support his whitepaper and have formally requested to have my name removed.

We currently do not have any new information to share, as we have been waiting on documents to review from Karel’s side, which we only received yesterday. As such, we consider Karel's recent comments on his hopes about a joint public statement in a few days to be unrealistic, especially because they were made before we received any documents and had a chance to review them.

We need time to review those documents with lawyers and request a number of changes. We do not understand his comments on us finalizing our joint statement, as that process hasn’t even begun.

As he has made a number of statements unilaterally and despite our wishes, we ask you to consider them with reservations, as well as any other public statement by him. If we do not explicitly confirm that we are in agreement with Karel’s statements, then it represents his views only, even if he states otherwise. >>We do not consider silence a form of consent or agreement.<<

We’ll inform you as soon as there are any changes and we do hope they will come soon. Otherwise we will be happy to share all relevant information with you, so you can be free to form your own informed opinion about the matter. At that point, we’ll expect a number of legitimate questions from you towards Karel and his good faith regarding this project as well as ours. I and the rest of my team will be at your disposal to answer those questions.

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