HellRaisers Dota 2

As HellRaisers project is put on hold, I’m looking for a new home for our Dota 2 division. We are top 3 of EEU Regional Finals. Our team is represented by 2 players from Kazakhstan and 3 players from Russia, 2 of them are still there and we are looking for the ways to relocate them from the bloody dictator. Our coach is also Russian and has been living in Ukraine for a while. At the moment me and him are is still in Ukraine trying to survive Putin’s army attacks.

We’d like to keep our team as it is, but you don’t have to keep the management. Just let my boys compete together, please.

You can contact me at mariegunina@gmail.com if you have any business offers or if you can help with relocation of the players before the Iron Curtain falls again.

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