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26th Feb 2022 from TwitLonger

No longer Coaching Sentinels

As the title says I'm no longer Coaching Sentinels.

Back on FaZe we were eliminated from LCQ, 2 days afterwards I had an opportunity to coach Sentinels for Champions and I took that offer immediately without thinking twice or looking for other opportunities. Because it was so sudden Sentinels worked out an agreement to "borrow" me and the expiration was Jan 1st, the past month Sentinels were in talks with FaZe looking to have me come over as a full time Coach for the team but unfortunately a deal between both parties could not be made due to buyout complications.

Contractually I have to change all my things back to FaZe but no intentions from either side to be apart of the team again.

I've stated publicly that I only ever considered coaching because of the people who were involved and the environment that I was joining made it a perfect fit for me.

I'm currently back on FaZe but LFT as a player, Jett/Sova/Smokes/Sentinel is what I'm comfortable with but willing to flex anything, I feel I've only gotten better since taking a break, being able to change environments and watching them play has made me see the game in a completely new perspective and I'm extremely excited to return.

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