I am writing this message for all of you who have been wondering what has been going on in EP recently and let you in on why we have decided to make the roster changes and bring Blytz and Myltsi on board. I am writing this in English so that fans of our new guys can follow us too!

Last year, has been (in my view) the most successful year for local CZ/SK CS:GO line-ups and a big leap forward. Not only because of a single particular result, but collectively. From 2021, we have seen 6 local teams in HLTV peaking top 100: SAMPI #82, EIQP #63, DNE #61, ESUBA #54, EP #38, SINNERS #19. Combined, I think this is unique! We have also witnessed a shift from “semi-pro” to fulltime, in ours and other local squads, which has allowed more players to truly commit to their ambitions. I feel it is quite important to keep in mind that when two CZ/SK line-ups in top 50 play against each other, it’s no longer just local derby but a reasonably high-level game of cs go, which can be easily broadcasted on HLTV.

As for EP, guys have delivered some amazing performances last year (mostly at V4, where we took a map from Gambit and main EIQ line-up), which has brought us a lot of invites into good tournaments and some recognition. We competed in all relevant local finals even though we lost to Sinners twice. We also learned the hard lesson of what it means to be an underdog and how hard it is to win the hearts of local fans, in the moments when Sinners fans have outnumbered us 1:100 😊. I may be biased here, but I humbly think we were closer to win than it was perceived, and I hope there are some out there who agree. I am more than proud of what guys have achieved.

I also came to realize that we do not need to be disappointed about not reaching #1 in CZ/SK as being #1 basically means reaching top #20-30 in the world (as Sinners have). I don’t want to say we no longer care about CZ/SK rank, because its not true, but I came to realize that it doesn’t seem logical to have the objective of becoming #1 CZ/SK team any longer, when at the same time you need to be very good internationally to achieve it and unless you actually do, very few people locally would truly recognize you. I feel it’s more logical to set an international objective for our CS:GO and if it leads to being top #1 CZ/SK at the same time, then great!

The big turning point naturally came with the transfer of Forsyy to Sinners. Forsyy was our star player, insane stats on the AWP, pretty firm on his views (hello David 😊). We obviously could have decided not to do it, which would maybe put Sinners in a challenging situation, but already in this stage, we started to contemplate taking international players (and coach who has started with us) to the squad. The reason for this is that I think that in the long-term rotating the same limited number of players and coaches between the local teams after every season is going to bring limited results. Nevertheless, we were not ready for such a change as the risks of changing language and our strategy seemed too great and we opted for a safer solution first and at that time we all genuinely believed it could work well for us!

I’m not going to lie, Forsyy leaving, has hit us harder than I thought it would. We knew we would lose the ‘’queen’’ as The Elive likes to call the AWP position, but at the same time I was expecting that after NIO joins and once the other players get a bit more space, we come back stronger. Unfortunately, after Forsyy left, we won 2 out of 13 HLTV games (before Myltsi and Blytz played as stand-ins) and things started to look grim. It’s always debatable to attribute the losses to a particular reason or a player, but together, we have seen repeated patterns, which did not show a promising improvement and we knew that the chemistry of this team is not going to work. Don’t get me wrong, NIO & Adejis are great players, however we felt it could take too much time to bounce back in this line-up and time is not something we felt we had at this stage as its very hard to get to the ranks where you are getting invites and it’s very easy to drop out.
Considering all the above, we finally opened to a possibility to have a CZ/SK core + strong international reinforcements and tried this change. We have done quite a bit of scouting and found two great guys. As you have seen, we have been trying out Myltsi and Blytz for some time and it’s working very well in our view! We have also switched our comms to English and, honestly, we don’t feel disadvantaged as we thought we would be. There is no guarantee we will succeed, but we embraced the objective to become a top #30 team for the near to mid term and we will work hard to get there. We also want to be a serious contender in the CZ/SK tournaments and hope to win hearts of many fans locally and internationally this year.
I am very thankful to Andrej, for without him we would not be where we are now (and vice-versa) and I can only commend him as a great person and a player. I am thankful to NIO for offering his talents to us despite other options and I am sorry it didn’t work out. Players are open to explore other options and I am sure we will see them playing some great CS soon.
All that’s left to say is to wish our new line-up best of luck (the work will be there 😊).
Also stay tuned with us this year as we expect pretty big things from EP 😊


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