David Polster · @cyn1c_fps

18th Feb 2022 from TwitLonger

Stepping Down From Party Astronauts

Due to a number of issues over the last few months, I have slowly lost faith in the future of the team. Since joining, I have felt like a bystander to a constant barrage of personal and in-game problems, and despite qualifying for Pro League + the announcement of the major qualifiers, it feels like motivation is at an all time low. Since my first event with the team at Frag 15, the issues have been apparent. I have done my best to offer solutions to problems and resolve conflicts, but it feels like fighting a losing battle. In addition, I have been the hardest worker by a large margin since the day I joined the team, and to see my teammates still doing the bare minimum a few weeks before incredibly important events feels like a huge slap in the face. It was a VERY difficult decision to step down before EPL because it has been my main goal for almost 3 years, but I have gotten to the point where I don't see a future for the team beyond attending this one event.

Because of that, I've decided to step down in order to join a new team where I feel my effort and desire to win will be reciprocated. An official announcement of the team will be coming in the next few days.

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