The future of Jacked Ape Club.

What's up,

I'm @0xDavisBlake, you'll learn more about me later. I'm happy to announce that I'll be rebuilding Jacked Ape Club.

So how'd we get here?
The founding team consisted of Nick and Dylan. They brought @Orangie and @MitcheIl on to lead marketing and act as the face of the project. I was brought on for Business Development, and then they brought @ZwiggityTV on for Backend Development. As well as other advisors.

Mitchell and Orange spear headed the project. We would spend hours on end every night building out the plans for the project and creating the long-term roadmap. I ended up doing the brunt of the back end here.

Post mint the executive decision from founders was made to withdraw the funds from the contract so the whole team would get paid out.

As soon as Dylan and Nick got paid communication between the team and them two of them became very difficult (this started Friday Night). The community was freaking out and the team and I went into crisis control mode. We eventually calmed down the community. Saturday night, I had a convo with Nick, telling them they needed to be more hands-on, considering they are the founders of the project, they agreed. Dylan and Nick then proposed the idea that I take over the brand as Dylan and Nick saw themselves as not fit to lead (

Sunday morning we all hopped on another call together to discuss the smooth transfer of brand ownership to ensure that we keep what's best for the holders in mind. Nick and Dylan started the call by saying they don't think they are fit to lead and want us to take over. We all came to an agreement that Dylan and Nick can step back from the public eye, but they well need to pay 25 eth each + hand over all company funds so we have the resources to keep growing the brand. The call finished and it seemed as though we all came to an agreement.

Then without the teams knowledge, at 7 PM EST Nick made an announcement (since deleted) to the discord saying Orange, Mitchell, and I gave up on the project and were refusing to work without getting paid more. He went behind the rest of the team's backs and made this announcement, we were given no warning. It was the opposite of what we agreed upon. Immediately the community saw something was wrong because Orange, Mitchell, and I were the faces of the project. That's where we were at, as of last night.

Early this morning @BradleyMartyn contacted the original founders stating the then current direction of the brand was not consistent with something he wanted to be involved with, additionally, he wanted me to own and run Jacked Ape Club. He was very disappointed that he wasn't given any information on the removal of the team members prior to the announced, nor did he agree or consent to the changes.

Where are we now?
- Nick and Dylan will no longer be involved with Jacked Ape Club
- I will be taking over day to day operations, everything will remain as normal
- We'll be looking out for the communities best interest
- 80 ETH from the founders will be transferred back into the community wallet
- We've been sent 40 of 80 ETH so far (
- 25 ETH additional (105 ETH total) has been set aside for operation/salary purposes
- This is going to be everything we promised in our roadmap, with slight changes, TBD

Hope you all understand the circumstances we were under. Thank you all 💪🐵

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