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13th Feb 2022 from TwitLonger

Hello @Frooxius,

I'm sorry to see that you cherrypicked some facts without context to try to make me look bad. This feels more like a personal attack than good will to figure a way to go forward that everybody is happy with. That is very much my aim. I'm very sorry that you feel hurt, I do as well. My hope is that we can find a way to talk again and resolve this.

- Over the 7+ years we worked and lived together you have shown no interest in the financial matters of our company. Every time I tried to talk about it you immediately changed conversation to something fun and as a result have very poor understanding of our company financials and how things are handled.

- You are a 42.5% owner of Solirax Ltd and thus Neos. Your share in the company has much higher value than any salary could. We both always prioritized working and keeping the company alive instead of spending time and money elsewhere. Grinding hard like this is the only way we could have built something as amazing as we have built together. Especially on a tiny budget, we got only a relatively small seed investment back in 2014.

- I'm getting older and cannot continue working as intensely anymore, I want to have an actual life, hopefully start a family. I feel burned out. I'm sorry not to be able to invest all of my time and heart into Solirax and Neos anymore. Things will have to be more balanced going forward, I need to have some personal life as well.

- The financial situation of Solirax was throughout most of the time very bad and the company was hanging by the thread multiple times with no money for rent in the next month so there was no telling if we will have a place to work and live.

- I've scrambled for funds and managed to save the company every time. It was incredibly stressful and sometimes I had to ask you for help. I have been telling you in these times what we have to do in order for the company to survive, because I had to deal with the financials and harsh reality of things. It was a necessity.

- I get why you have started to perceive me more as your boss than an equal partner because of it. I wish you hadn't and shown more interest in our company so we could do these things together.

- You are a very positive person that loves what he does, me too and that is why we were such a great team and could have started something like this in the first place. It unfortunately also means that I got overly positive time estimates from you of when Neos itself and later various Neos features that were important to our customers and funding will be ready. Sometimes by an order of magnitude or more. That has created a lot of stress for me as I’m the one that has to deal with unsatisfied customers and investors.

- Having a realistic development timeline Solirax/Neos can communicate would help so much to decrease the tension and increase the wellbeing of everyone involved.

- In terms of pay, we intentionally kept it low for the both of us to help the company. That is somewhat expected for founders/owners of a struggling startup or any business in general.

- I’m the one who did all the shopping and paid for your every need and wish. That’s why I had an higher salary officially, but effectively after expenses no salary at all. I brought you food either from the best restaurants in town or cooked myself almost every day. You didn’t cook for me, did any shopping or took care of me in any way, not even once, not even when I was sick or had to move our stuff to a house owned by my mom to save money and save our company. I always did all the cleaning, washing, shopping, driving, maintenance, paid all the bills and in general taken care of everything I could in addition to all my work for Solirax including accounting, legal, investors, crypto, Patreon, B2B, B2G, paying contractors and other matters so you have all the time free for development and don’t have to do anything outside of that.

- I got zero gratitude and now I see that I’ve shielded you too much from the outside world and rough realities of life as did you mom before me and is doing now again at the expense of her personal life and her partner. You are taking everything I did for granted and I feel taken advantage of and it hurts.

- You have almost never left the house (for months in a row), declined most trips, activities and almost never met anyone IRL. Slept for years at random times and mostly was up and being loud all night. That is not healthy and any person would feel unwell, have built up a lot of anxiety and be easily irritated when living like this over this many years. I have tried to help you, but it was never welcome. Have repeatedly suggested for you to talk to an expert when I was seeing you struggling mentally and was struggling myself as well unable to help you being preoccupied with not collapsing myself.

- Both of our Czech companies Solirax CoreDev s.r.o. and Solirax Education s.r.o. are acting on behalf of Solirax Ltd. You have the contracts available and I’m willing to do any changes in the company structure in order for you to feel more comfortable.

- Having these companies work with Solirax Ltd did save huge money over the years as we have used the services of much cheaper Czech accountant services than what the British ones charge. I’m also personally much more knowledgeable of Czech accounting as I have run two Czech companies before and all of the British stuff was new to me. We did found the British company Solirax Ltd as a holding company so our investors are comfortable holding equity in it. It serves that purpose very well.

- I did get you the job with the Ministry of Education whose main focus is Neos Classroom. That is of course closely connected to Neos itself. I did not only get it for you, but also for your brother and I am also managing it for both of you.

- Stating salary amounts without any context of what money can buy you in Czechia where you live and need much less money for a much higher standard of living, especially outside of Prague, is very misleading. It’s also a very socialist country with huge taxes often over 50% and you stated only the amount after tax. There is free healthcare and a ridiculous amount of government services including extensive social programs, paid leave programs, extensive child support and other luxuries most people around the world including the US can only dream of and probably wouldn’t believe are even a real thing.

- In terms of your second salary from Solirax Education s.r.o., where I was an employee as well for years, we both did get our social security and medical and then paid out our salaries in cash. It is true that we have left most of the cash on the table to reinvest into our struggling company. I thought there is a good understanding here of how things are and really don’t understand why you would think this is a bad thing for company owners. We should be proud of ourselves that we did everything we could to see Neos succeed.

- Yes I remember that about four years ago when the company was going bankrupt and I was forming a strategy to start NCR and Patreon to keep it afloat we had an argument and you mentioned that you want an increase in salary amongst many other ugly things that were being said that week. We unfortunately had a crysis and I’m very sorry for that. It was as hard for me as it was for you. You were angry that you have to do B2B, B2G and NCR in order for us to have money and generally things that are not only fun to secure funding. I was feeling a disregard for our company's finances and struggles and considered it more of an attempt to hurt my feelings, show me that I’m bad at being a CEO and securing funding for us than a real request.

- I have asked you multiple times over the last two years when our company is now doing much better - thanks to the interconnected Patreon and NCR that I have created and all the awesome Neos improvements you did and frankly the software maturing from an experiment to a real usable metaverse - whether you want an increase in salary or help with buying a property for you, your family or as an investment when interest rates were incredibly low with high expected inflation making mortgages free money to an extend.

- You have always declined both salary increase and help with getting a mortgage as witnessed both by your mom and brother. You have always made it very clear that money is something you are not interested in at all. I have always felt a bit of a leftist despise for money from your behavior and maybe a general contempt to everyone who is working with money including myself. The only monetary thing you have mentioned in serious conversation is that you would like for our company to invest one million dollars in the US to get a green card. That I very much support and intend to make happen.

- The creation of a Solirax Ltd affiliated US entity to execute activities in the US is very much extension of this request of yours as well as repeated talks with both ProbablePrime, Geenz and others from Neos Team where they expressed the desire/willingness to get hired to work for Neos. Being an employee is by most preferred to being a contractor, doing invoices can I totally get that.

- If you don’t want to found a Solirax Ltd affiliated US entity what is your plan then? I’m trying to be constructive here while I’m not getting much back.

- Not having contracts, doing things on a “good word” was a way to save money for the company. We are now employing lawyers for the third month and do now have contracts available for them to sign. These things unfortunately take some time to do. As they have stopped sending in invoices now I don’t think they will be willing to sign any contracts.

- I would like for our contractors to start sending in invoices again so our company can pay them again. I’m also very open to increasing pay from 1500-2000 monthly per contractor and increasing the number of contractors according to your choice as our finances are good and will be even better if you’ll stop sabotaging them by doing these damaging public statements.

- I am very open to all constructive proposals. I have offered almost unconditional funding of your own independent US team where most of Solirax Ltd funds would go and they have been going historically.

- Please Frooxius let's talk again like the good people and good partners we are. We have so much to be proud of that we have built together and such a huge opportunity going forward if we manage to find a way for everyone to be happy. Funding is not the problem for the first time in Neos history so let's not waste this opportunity. This can be good for so many people including our community, Neos Team, CDFT and NCR holders, our investors, our families, their families who all invested a lot of trust in us and supported us greatly in what we are doing. This is the furthest from a zero sum game things can be. Please if not for me then for them.

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