Formal Statement and Apology

First and foremost I want to make it clear that I regret my actions. I did not represent our players, T1, or our fans well, and I’m truly sorry. I will continue to reflect on my actions and ensure that this never happens again. I also want to describe some context, not to justify my actions, but rather to provide some clarity to the community.

Riot has investigated my role in the Open qualifier, with full access to all of my communication with the players throughout the qualifier. The communication logs show that all communication I had with players happened in between rounds or to a player who was already eliminated. This communication consisted of encouraging/supportive statements and general reminders. One exception to this was “help sewers”. There are no excuses for this - I can only say that I got caught up in the heat of the moment and did not think before I acted. I did not participate in the practice of watching the livestream during a match, or relaying any information to the players that they did not already have. I believe in Riot Games and their ability to create a competitively balanced global ecosystem and look forward to them continuing to have a strong focus on competitive integrity across all teams and regions.

I also want to emphasize that the players and other coaches on T1 have all acted with the highest integrity, and have worked incredibly hard to bring the team to this level of competition. They deserve the full support of the T1 community and fans. I’m honored to continue to work with them, and committed to coaching this team with excellence.

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