A statement from the Blockverse Team

Hey all. We feel that we owe everyone an apology, and more importantly an explanation. Blockverse was supposed to be a great project, as before our launch we invested an enormous amount of time and resources working on it. Everything was fully legitimate: our contract was verified, the game infrastructure was fully set up, and our launch went well, albeit with some small bumps along the road. After the launch, we went straight to work continuing development on Phase 2, a future expansion of Blockverse. In the midst of our continued development, we failed to realize and contain all the FUD that was going on through a multitude of issues, including but not limited to: gas fees being high, MC server not being able to hold everyone at once, and the lack of utility of $DIAMONDS. Eventually, things started spiraling out of control.

We'd like to first emphasize that many of these issues are out of our control. We have no control over how much gas fees may be, especially when minting commenced only 30 minutes after another project launch, and the server’s physical capabilities are limited by Minecraft's internal technical limitations. As for $DIAMONDS, firstly we cannot establish the liquidity pool for the trade or transfer to Ethereum, as that is entirely up to the community to set up. There were also no specifications mentioned anywhere about $DIAMONDS immediately being able to be used in-game, and only to be completed as the Phase 2 expansion. As promised, we were and still are working on setting that function up, but obviously Phase 2 has not launched yet.

18 hours in after launch, the FUD quickly descended into harassment, threats, and doxxing. The team noticed all this and panicked, deleting the discord server on impulse. Everything else was closed to prevent the continuation of harassment that had occurred so far. Even then, the plan was to reopen once everyone had time to calm down. There is absolutely no reason for us to leave permanently, as all the technical work and infrastructure for the project thus far has already been put in place. It was actually more work to take things down than to leave it up, but again, everything was done in the interest of protecting personal safety.

Unfortunately, there has not been a chance to open back up yet because it seems the situation has only worsened. While we have delivered everything already promised, we understand why people may be displeased with everything that has happened and we feel the obligation to keep our fully functional game online. Thus, we plan on reopening in the coming days (as originally planned), and continuing to work on Phase 2.

We are disappointed that the community jumped to false accusations so quickly, but we still believe in our project, and in order for everyone else to regain that faith, we are in talks with professionals in the space about how we may proceed. Our intention is to work with other trusted developers and community members, granting them access to our website, servers, and all of the backend infrastructure so that there is no risk in people’s minds of the project going offline. We're aware of how much damage we've caused already, but we hope that this gesture towards the community can help us get back on track.

Needless to say, our team is fully on board, and we're currently waiting for discussions to conclude. We'd like to apologize to our supporters and loyal patrons for the inconvenience we've caused. Staked Blockverse tokens are to be immediately unstaked so owners will have full access and control over everything they purchased, and the Discord and MC server are set to be open in the next few days. Updates will continue on twitter in the vein of continued transparency.

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