25th Jan 2022 from TwitLonger

no i am not writing this to shill NFTs to you.

i am writing this to explain, apologize, address rumors/concerns, and possibly navigate a healthier discussion than the dumpster fire that's been happening under my last tweet. and no, i do not plan on deleting anything.

i am not making excuses and take full responsibility. i was in a bad state of mind after continuously seeing harassment (before the tweet) in my discord and my NFT twitter,
which i purposefully kept separate from overwatch fans because i had zero intentions of shilling/promoting NFTs to any of you guys. i am a really hot-headed person. i let my
anger get the best of me and threw a babyrage fit, antagonizing everyone involved, and it was really really really stupid. do i regret it? of course, but it was the first time
in my career where i spoke my mind without having to worry about PR/brand risk bullshit, and stopped being some PMA streamer that was afraid to step on eggshells. it was a
huge reality check for me and i faced my fear of being the villain.

so, i am sorry to the overwatch team and to my fans for my actions.

to my fans who watched my stream and the truth behind my experience streaming:

i'm sorry i disappeared with no proper notice. a gripe of mine with streaming was the feeling of owing. seeing comments such as 'we made you' and 'you owe us because we gave you money' really hurt. i have never asked for donations (unless it was for charity or for the prize pool of my tournament) or made sub goals in my overwatch streaming career, as this wasn't my
primary source of income, and i repeatedly told you guys to use your money on other streamers. however, i am forever grateful for the support and love you guys have given me,
especially those who expected nothing in return and those who believed in me.

streaming for me was not as easy as it may have looked. i was harassed almost every single day since my franplayshalo days, wether it be a creepy comment to full on non consenual pictures in my DMs. i was constantly scrutinized for the way i looked and it caused massive insecurities and low self esteem in myself. the extreme loneliness and unhealthy habits i've developed from streaming caused an abundance of harm. and don't get me started on the bullying. my entire self worth was dependent on likes and numbers. i wish to never have to experience that again.

on a more positive note, overwatch has brought me many amazing experiences, memories, and friends which i will never forget.

will i play overwatch ever again? probably not, and overwatch 2 won't change my mind. will i ever stream again? probably not :( as i would like to close this chapter of my life and move on.

i mentioned before on stream that i was moving home to take care of my parents, particularly my father who had a stroke and subsequent seizures, and i did/am doing exactly that. in last few months i have been much happier and repaired my relationship with my family, who i had abandoned the last 5 years to 'go play videogames for a living.' i also met someone amazing recently who i'm sure you could guess by now (hint: 🐊).


to the anti-nfters

your concerns and distaste towards NFTs are valid. as someone who has been an NFT enjoyer for the last 6 months, i completely understand your stance and whether you hate me for it or not is your choice. i was never going to use my main twitter and twitch account to promote it and convince you guys they are good, nor am i going to defend them anymore. all im asking is to let me and my friends be idiots with our money in peace.

and to the redditors who are quite literally making up stories about me to fit their narrative that i am this terrible person- i hope you never experience the pain that i went through reading such awful and untrue comments.

thank you and farewell


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