Reflecting on 2021

Hey everyone,

I wanted to take some time to talk about myself and this year on Liquid to shed some light on what happened from my perspective and what to expect moving forward.

To begin with, I wanted to say that this year was a really big disappointment for me; not only results wise, but personally as well. Every year you want to always feel like you're moving forward and improving and I think that throughout my career it has been a constant progression of that. I have not only been able to improve my technical game consistently throughout the years, but also my mental game. This year, however, was the year where it has very clearly been steps backwards, and that has been really difficult for me. So, I want to apologize to my teammates, Liquid, to my fans, and to the community for not being able to deliver what you or myself expects of me.

Now, I wanted to talk a little bit about why that regression happened. Since the end of 2020, I talked with the team after seeing the schedule and I immediately knew it would be really tough for me. We now had the most travel-intensive schedule ever, with approximately 240 days in Europe in total. Most of these travel periods were long, with bulk stretches of time, which concluded with months of being away from home. It left me with practically no time to mentally reset or have time with friends or family at home and it made me feel really sad about not having strong enough relationships with them.

It was a year of many ups and downs and looking back, it was easily the hardest year of my professional career. I wish that I handled things better and I wish that I could say that I was a positive mental factor for my teammates during it. However, I can't say that and it was a big disappointment for me to not be able to rise to that standard. I learned a lot during the year, especially from Fallen, on how he handled the year himself. He was always positive, affecting the team in a positive way no matter what was happening. All in all, he is a role model and he is the teammate I am striving to become for the team in 2022 and going forward.

There's no secret the team environment wasn't perfect throughout the year and I definitely was a big part of that. I learned a lot last year from the experiences on the team and how I could've handled it better. For 2022, I am looking to bring myself back up and make it our most successful year ever. I know there will be a big weight on my shoulders to perform this year. This is something I am well aware of and I am going to be putting all of my efforts towards being the best player and teammate I can be inside and outside of the game.

Thanks for reading and for all of your continuous support over the years <3

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