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18th Dec 2021 from TwitLonger

It is time...

...for a BREAK. I'm never quitting.

Going to be taking a season off for the first time in my 18 seasons of playing.

This has nothing to do with our results this season in any way, I've just been waiting for the season to end. I'm actually pretty content with our results considering the circumstances of the season.

I haven't been myself for at least 6 months now, but I've just been trying to push through it and keep moving forward. This was not fair to myself, my teammates, my family, friends, and anyone who has supported me and my team.

It's been more than 5 straight years of competitive CS with no breaks for longer than 2 weeks, and I have nothing to complain about or seek sympathy for.

I just want to make the mature decision to take some time away to focus on personal improvement, in-game and out.

The next time I get to Premier, it's gonna be full speed ahead until I reach my goal of being a professional player.

Typing all this has taken a weight off my shoulders, so I know I'm making the right decision. Thanks for reading. See you all again soon.

Complacency kills.

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