Different types of facial massagers

<p>This article explains the different types of facial massagers, how to use them effectively, and what you should be aware of.</p>
<p>Facial massagers have become a common sight in Internet stores, beauty magazines, and electronics stores. There are many different types, but what are the characteristics of each? What are the features of each type, and what are the cautions and effective ways to use them?</p>
<p><strong>What is a small face massager?</strong></p>
<p>A <a href="https://www.llskin.jp/products/mio2/">face lifting massager</a> is also called a &quot;beauty massager,&quot; &quot;face massager,&quot; or &quot;massager beauty device,&quot; and its appeal is that you can get a variety of effects just by rolling it over your skin.</p>
<p>It is easy to use while working, convenient to use at home without being seen, and cheaper than getting a facial beauty treatment at an esthetic salon.</p>
<p><strong>Types of small face massagers</strong></p>
<p>In recent years, there are many types of facial massagers available, ranging in price from those that can be purchased at a hundred yen store to those that cost tens of thousands of yen.</p>
<p>There are so many different materials, shapes, and functions that it can be confusing to choose the right one for your purpose.</p>
<p>In this section, we will explain the characteristics of the materials and shapes used in the head part, which mainly comes in direct contact with the skin, and the typical characteristics of each.</p>
<p><strong>The main materials used in the head part and their characteristics</strong></p>
<p>Some heads are made of plastic, but most are made of materials such as germanium, platinum, titanium, and ceramic. Let&#39;s learn about the characteristics of each.</p>
<p>Our body temperature is generally said to be around 36 degrees Celsius, but germanium has the property of conducting electricity at a temperature of 32 degrees Celsius or higher, and this reaction produces negative ions when applied to the skin.</p>
<p>When the number of positive ions in our body increases due to stress or other factors, oxygen becomes insufficient, and skin problems such as dry skin and sensitive skin can easily occur due to the disturbance of skin turnover.</p>
<p>Germanium has the effect of adjusting the ion balance and replenishing oxygen to the skin.</p>
<p>Like germanium, platinum also has the effect of generating negative ions and adjusting the ion balance.</p>
<p>In addition, it can also be expected to remove active oxygen, so it can be used for anti-aging care while maintaining the ion balance.</p>
<p>Titanium is a metal that is strong, light, and rust-resistant.</p>
<p>Because of its high corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, and biocompatibility, titanium is widely used in rocket parts, deep-sea boats, precision instruments, and medical treatments such as artificial bones and catheters.</p>
<p>It is also a metal that does not easily cause allergies, making it an ideal material for people with sensitive or weak skin. The fact that it can be used while bathing is another reason for its popularity.</p>
<p>Ceramic is a natural mineral that emits far-infrared rays.</p>
<p>It warms the skin and promotes blood circulation, which is said to be effective in promoting skin turnover and improving dullness.</p>
<p>As you can see, even the material used for the head can have different effects.</p>
<p>When choosing a <a href="https://www.amazon.com/SKIN-Massager-Lifting-Massage-Wrinkles/dp/B09KMPDST8">face massager</a>, be sure to clarify the purpose for which you want to use it.</p>
<p><strong>Different shapes and their features</strong></p>
<p>There are two main types of small face massagers. The features of each are as follows.</p>
<p><strong>Stick type</strong></p>
<p>The stick type has the above-mentioned metal embedded in the head part or coated on the surface.</p>
<p>Many of them activate skin turnover and regulate ion balance, so they are suitable for those who want to restore healthy skin.</p>
<p>The head of the &quot;Y&quot; shape has a ball or massager shape.</p>
<p>The Y-shaped head is divided into two halves and is used to pinch the skin, so the pressure applied to the skin is stronger than that of the stick type.</p>
<p>In particular, the Y-shaped model is more suitable for promoting lymphatic flow, so it can be said that the Y-shaped model is more suitable for those who want to focus on a smaller face.</p>
<p>As you can see, different shapes have different purposes, so if you want to get both a beautiful face and a small face, you can use two different types.</p>
<p>In recent years, there are also products that stimulate the skin with microcurrent (weak current) or EMS (low frequency) to enhance the effect of massage, and products that are said to move similarly to the techniques of estheticians.</p>
<p><strong>Are plastic products effective?</strong></p>
<p>Many of the relatively inexpensive <a href="https://www.llskin.jp/products/">face skicnare products</a> available at hundred-yen stores are Y-shaped and made of plastic. Although it cannot be said that they are ineffective, it is noticeable that they are not very durable and the ball of the head is rough or small, so the range of use is limited.</p>
<p>There are also some that are too tight, so if you want to achieve a beautiful or small face, it is probably safer to avoid them.</p>
<p><strong>Points to consider when purchasing</strong></p>
<p>In addition to the above, it is also important to consider the weight and ease of use, since you will be using the product every day while holding it by hand.</p>
<p>If possible, hold the product in your hand or put it on your face to see how it feels before you buy it, in order to avoid having to use it every day because it is too heavy on your wrist.</p>

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