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6th Dec 2021 from TwitLonger

Depression and Anxiety

Hi, I wanna talk here about more serious topic.

Most of the people that have these problems, includes me, they dont wanna talk about the problem with other people. I feel that's huge problem. Mental health is serious topic and problem for most of the people, not only for young people, but for older people aswell. Mental health should be taken seriously.
Don't try or even think about keeping these problems secret. There is always someone to help you.
I went with this problem to psychologist and mentalist. They gave me pills and the pills are helping me.
As I said earlier, there is always someone to help you, it can be your family member, girlfriend, doctor or close friend. Just dont keep these things for yourself, that's the most important thing.

I have been fighting with overthinking, anxiety and stress for 1 year and 6 months for now. I have never visited doctor because I felt I didnt need one and no one would talk to me about these problems or even make fun of me.
In the future it resulted in depression. I'm not happy about that, but I talked with the problem with my girlfriend, mother and the psychologist and mentalist.
You should not feel ashamed that you have these problems, because everyone in their life atleast once come up to this situation.
For me, best cure for my depression and anxiety is my girlfriend, she can always reassure me and make me feel safe.
Also my teammates and BIG make me feel more comfortable.

Back in the days, my escape plan for this mental health problem was gaming. Gaming always made me feel happy and forget about these problems. But further, it will catch you, even if you dont want to. You think It will not catch you but eventually it will catch you, it's just matter of time.
Dont wait for help, go find help by yourself. I know how people that have same problem as me think and how they keep these problems for themselves. Most of the people will not notice it, because outside you express yourself as the happiest person on the planet but then it doesnt solve anything. It will catch you.

I had times in my life where I was crying during night, I was crying because I was telling my self I'm bad player, I will never achieve anything. I was crying becasue I thought my family doesnt love me. I was crying because I felt I'm unwanted. I was crying because I thought everyone hates me and because I'm the most awful person in the whole world. Once I was cutting myself.
Dont ever do that, it will hurt other people if they notice and it will hurt aswell you. Self harm doesnt solve anything aswell. Dont try these things. I have been so many times thinking about suicide. Dont think about it.

My girlfriend(@RattieRebcca thank you <33333 I dont know what I would do without you) helped me and she is helping every single day with my anxiety, stress, depression and anxiety.
There is always someone who can help you, dont be scared to talk about it to close friend, girlfriend, family member or doctor. They are here to help you in your life, not to hurt you.

It took me lot of confidence to write this, I never had this amount of confidence before, but everyday I'm gaining everyday more and more confidence.
Everyone can get help, dont be scared to search for the help!

Twisten <3

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