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24th Nov 2021 from TwitLonger

To the Indonesian Community, I hope you would let me explain.

Hello Fans of Indonesian Dota,
I am sorry that this happened to Omega at OB.Moon Studio Asian Arena.
OB Moon Studio Asian Arena is one of my favourite event so far,
But it was also one of my most difficult event in my 2 years of tournament organisation.
My CEO was quite frustrated with me, asking me for reasons why i invited omega,
i explained that CTY really wanted his team to show to OMEGA that they can do something good.

The following are the events that followed through on 8th September onwards.

At 8th September 2021, i received a sensitive report from my integrity team,
Telling me to take precaution in the match on Omega vs Lilgun.
So, i posted what i posted there, which i show publicly,
to allow teams to come forward, to give a chance to them,
to confess by themselves.

I was very busy, i was in Ukraine at that time, we needed to get up by 6am, and start to host games,
and games go all the way to afternoon maybe about 1400.
i was in charge of the Chinese castings, schedules, Team arrangement, and lobbies.

It was very difficult for me, I watched a few of the replay again and again.
checked on the moments,
checked on the movements,
checked on player response,
checked on mouse click. and how fast they reacted and such.
i begin my suspicion but i kept it inside me,
It became really difficult also because omega managed to draw some games,
which was good because i encouraged CTY on those wins.

My birthday was on 19th September, and i left Ukraine at 24th September,
went into hotel quarantine at 25th and i continued the tournament,
I was there in every single lobby.
all the way till the end, Oct 3rd.

i did more investigations.
but i really had no time, because Oct 23rd to Nov7th.
we had another tournament, Asian Tigers 2.

I managed to send my first letter email to Valve on Nov 7th.
Valve replied me on Nov 16th.
It was a normal response, they asked me for a more detailed information,
i have a few patients during that week, so i replied to valve on Nov 21st.
I sent another at Nov 22nd, and 2 more at Nov 23rd.
I am a little dyslexic, hence the multiple emails.
and point forms 😦 (sorry valve)
on Nov 23rd itself, i heard CTY telling me that something happened.
he kept on telling me its the slot, its the slot.
I just dont know what was going to happen.

and then i realised, Valve actually already banned CTY and Omega.

1) CTY all of them did not know i wrote to valve.

2) Please stop speculating about Boom's slot, Because as u can see,
i explained my time line, there was just NO TIME for BOOM to even react on this.

3) BOOM does not EVEN know ANYTHING about my investigations.
Valve DID the ACTUAL right thing, to give this slot to an ORGANISATION, and not just any stacks,
and BOOM does very well as an organisation,
Based on the most recent DPC event which is the Ti qualifier,
(Boom won 3rd in Ti qualifiers 2021, 2nd was TNC and 1st was Fnantic)

Their manager, Bram protected his team many times from 322 offers,
declining and doing the right thing! You guys should be proud of BOOM!


4) The contents of the concrete evidence to Valve was not shared to anyone else,
not even to BTS, Which i almost almost sent it by cc to BTS,
but it did not happen because i copy and paste the email at wrong heading.

5) Ramz, Eren and Forev of course do not know of these.
i never expected my reports will affect them,
I thought i could quickly submit the emails
i really tried to speed up my emails.
so at least they could go somewhere.
they would have time to react and respond,
i hope they do not hate me,
I am really sorry.
i really never expect to hurt Ramz, Eren and Forev,
Forev, and Eren are my friends,
Ramz i heard his really popular in Indonesia,
i say big sorry to them and to their fans.

6) Lastly i do not hate CTY and his 5 boys.
I do not hate Omega.
I just want honest games, and fair games,
Dota 2 is a competitive game where only 1 team will win,
For sure there would be a loser,
but we have to be sure,
that even when they lose,
they play the tournament with an intend to win.

7) i want to also encourage teams to come forward
if they have anything troubling them such as matchfixing
or they just wish to admit, and talk to someone.
or maybe show me offers from matchfixing "rings"
Only if you start to talk about it,
Then u will be told not to do it,
because for young players,
honestly, they would not know,
when i joined dota2 managing at 2017,
I sincerely know nothing about 322, and what it does, or how it works.

but, once u join the "Ring"
you cannot leave the "Ring"
because you are going to be betrayed
By the bad "Ring".

8) I did not write to Valve about a wished outcome,
that i wish for omega to be removed of slot or banning the players,
or conclusion of the slot
i did not do all that,
Valve decided as valve,
i respected their decision, and answered their questions as much as i could,
BTS and i, we do not have a say to decide on any of the outcome.

Yours Sincerely,
Moon Lim

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