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23rd Nov 2021 from TwitLonger


To everyone's surprise... I will no longer be playing with the boys at @100Thieves. It has been quite a crazy couple months since I've joined the team as a substitute and followed by being their temporary 5th.

A little bit of background...

After my departure from Andbox in May, I was contacted by FrosT if I was interested in being a 6th man. At the time, I had other team offers and trials both from NA and other regions but something about 100T struck me differently even if I wasn't going to be a starting player. Originally, I was just a substitute that if the team needed one, it was so we could have a player who isn't just a random fill. I would participate in all the practices, provide & share ideas, help the coaching staff with anything, you name it. I guess that's how my 'analyst' title came about, I personally don't like the analyst title because that's not what I wanted to be or what I even was doing specifically. I did everything that a starting player would do, except I was a backup. Although it was temporary, I never even considered having the opportunity to even be a starting player, so it all kind of took me by surprise. In just 4 months, my journey went from the bootcamp in Dallas, to Masters Berlin, the LCQ, to now.

I want to apologize to everyone for not being able to bring you guys to Champions in Berlin through the LCQ. I really gave it my all and still came up short.. Either way, I am very happy and am doing my best to move on from this experience. I have the utmost respect & love for the boys on their decision of moving on without me. Please keep supporting 100 Thieves' VALORANT because they are all amazing

I want to give my sincerest thoughts and thanks to the people that made this experience even better. To 100 Thieves, owners, staff, management, and nitr0, Hiko, Asuna, Ethan, Hector, Jovi, and Ryan - thank you all for unforgettable memories and moments. And also the fans, love or hate, thanks for your continued support throughout these times!

I am released from 100 Thieves and will be actively looking at new teams and all options for the upcoming competitive year. Any interests can DM me or email: b0iftw1@gmail.com
In the meantime, I will be streaming/making content, and creating new stuff in the server. :)

The b0i will be back soon.

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