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14th Nov 2021 from TwitLonger


There’s something I’ve been needing to get off my chest for some time now. What happened to me has been eating away at my mental for way too long. I want my abusers to be held accountable for what they’ve done. On August 7, 2021 my close friend and I were invited to Carter’s aka @sirthestar ‘s house in Los Angeles. We were invited by Carter’s friend Raffy. When we were invited we were initially hesitant, but shortly after they FaceTimed us and eased our nerves. They said they wanted to chill and go in their jacuzzi. They also said they had better gaming setups. (They ended up not even having any gaming setup once we got there.) My friend and I are both shooting to be professional gamers so their connections and their setups enticed us to come over. We thought they could potentially help us in the industry. When we arrived to their place we had to wait in the lobby of their building. Carter and Raffy came down and retrieved us and brought us up to their place. Carter snd Raffy were both well informed that I identify as a straight male. I even told them that I have a girlfriend back in Orange County. I thought they accepted this and understood. When we came up to their place they informed my friend and I that they had been drunk since 7 AM and urged us to “get on their level”. They baited us with their large brand deals, endorsements, influencer friends, etc. We felt excited and hopeful with the idea of opportunity and friendships with people like them. My friend who would like to remain anonymous immediately went to the bathroom because he felt the vibe was off. He was in there for like 20 mins. Raffy and Carter kept passing me the bottle and urging me to get on their level. I wanted to fit in and make them happy so I obliged. They never drank from the bottle they made us drink from. They wanted us to chill with them until the big party they invited us to later on. We decided to seek it through because we wanted to network at the party. They asked us to watch a movie with them. I started feeling really hazy and intoxicated. We all ended up going into one of their bedrooms to watch the movie. We felt awkward but we were too intoxicated to leave. We thought once the movie came on things would be less weird. When the movie was playing they again asked us what we wanted with our careers and talked more brand deals and things of financial nature. I started dozing off because I was severely under the influence. I texted my friend who again was in the bathroom and told him I felt uncomfortable and didn’t want to be left alone with them. He basically told me to stay aware and to not let them touch me. I knocked out. I woke up in the bed next to Raffy, Carter’s friend. I was naked and had no idea what had happened. I had holes in my boxers that I later turned into the police for evidence along with my white shirt that was covered in their makeup. I went into panic mode and looked for my friend. I found him in bed with Carter. I woke him up in distress because I felt violated and was naked. We quietly left and both of us were in shock. We both were violated and our minds were all over the place. I didn’t want to tell my mom or my sister because they were not comfortable about us going to LA in the first place. I just wanted to network and make connections. I had no idea anything like this would happen. I would’ve never put myself in that position. We were manipulated. They texted us asking if we were still going to the party with them later- as if nothing was wrong. We didn’t know what to say so we said yes but we obviously didn’t go. We ended up leaving LA and going to our close friends house to try to clear our heads. We didn’t want to go home. Going to my friends didn’t help. It made things worse. I just wanted to get away alone but I had nowhere to go to do that. We ended up going to my sister’s because we didn’t know what to do anymore and we needed advice. She made me go to the police and the hospital which I was hesitant to do. I was afraid that nobody would believe me because I’m a man. I felt emasculated and small. Never had I ever felt the way that I did and do still before. We went to Corona Regional Hospital. After were evaluated we had to wait there for LAPD officers to come take the report. We later had to ride with the police to San Gabriel Valley Hospital to get rape kits done. Later on as this is happening Larray dm’d me multiple times on Instagram (I have screenshots and recordings of this). He kept sending and unsending his messages. Larray is close friends with both Carter and Raffy. I’m so beyond embarrassed and defiled. I am so scared to come forward with my story because they have millions of followers, power and money. I’m scared that nobody will believe me. My e-sports team, Xtra Gaming even made me feel wrong for wanting to get what happened to me out to the public. They said that I would have to leave the team if I wanted to talk about this publicly. They said it would look bad on their brand. My friend and I both got scalded and made to feel like it was our fault by the owner of the team. It destroyed me to not have my team which is like family to me back me and be there for me. It was a bad feeling to be made to feel as if this was my fault. It wasn’t. Even my passion of gaming is tainted because of this situation. I can’t stand the fact that they’re living their lives as if nothing happened and I live with what happened everyday. I don’t feel like the same person. I have receipts of the property taken by the police, (photos too), a confidential investigation report, and a pamphlet of my rights as a sexual assault victim. I also have text and video evidence of members of Xtra Gaming speaking to me as if it was my fault and that me going public with this would be bad for their brand.

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