The Truth about Jonochrome and my witnessed account.

Hello, my name is unimportant in this matter, and i'd rather stay anonymous.

I love this community. i absolutely have been a part of the FnaF fandom ever since 2014. the point of this is to try and make it safer for everyone, and minors. Don't go attacking Scott over this. He absolutely had no way of knowing WHO Jonochrome really is.
I also strongly insist that minors should stay within their age groups when meeting friends in the same fandom, online. wether artists, or not.

With that said, this is my testimony coming clean about Jonochrome:

After seeing the release of ONAF3, and how Jonochrome has insisted on staying within the community and fanverse, i cannot stand by and allow him to continue being within this fandom, and i really should've come forward much earlier when i initialy found out.

I was involved with plenty of his group Dm's from 2016-2018. a girl by the name of emily was 13-14 at the time, and he came all out about his relationship with her, Within group DM's we've had. Jonochrome was already in his 20's.

charges cannot be pressed as emily would need to do it herself as she would now be 19. i have evidence to provide this, with a links to all of it, and witness statements, and messages from jonochrome himself.

This man should not be praised at all. and i hope this helps people see him for what he really is, and why he should be removed all together from any community he has a high stance in.

Witness screenshot 1

Witness screenshot 2

Witness screenshot 3

witness screenshot 4

Emily's age

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