Thoughts about TI + Undying's Future

Hey everyone

First of all, I'd like to thank PGL for a well-ran tournament for players. I think that PGL got a lot more flak than they deserved for only having 3 months to plan it. I could only imagine the logistical nightmare to plan a TI for an entire year only for it to be be moved to another country at the last minute. As someone who saw the behind the scenes work, the amount of equipment for the mainstage, the crew, the safety measures that they took (they set up a medical area where players got tested everyday), they really did their best with what little time they had. Thank you Valve + PGL.

Moving forward, I'd like to thank the fans for a successful bootcamp, despite a poor TI result. There's an entirely different reason for that. UND started Day 1 groups going 0-3, after regrouping our thoughts, we ended 3-3, even taking a game off IG. After 3 days of Group stages, we were 8-6. Before the series with EG begun, there was a chance that even if we went 1-1 that there's a chance we'd still be in tiebreakers. After winning game 2 and learning that we're lower bracket anyway, it was saddening.

Now here's something that most of the community doesn't know. There's a HUGE difference between playing in the hotel rooms with an admin during groups, and playing on the main stage booth, even without an audience. The booth is a different monster, with the bright lights, the noise cancelling headsets, the cameras EVERYWHERE, the creeping realization that you're at TI with all eyes on you. Fnatic was the better team that day, and we got eliminated. Sadge

Next, I got some sad news regarding the management of Undying. We have parted ways with Febby, and our manager Panders, has decided to walk a new path. Thank you Febby for all your inspiring stories and uplifting energy, you're a gem. Thank you Peter for all your hard work, burning the midnight oil, you've done above and beyond of what a manager should be. I wish the both of you nothing but success.

There's nothing like being a Dota competitor, it brings the highest of highs, along with it, the lowest of lows, getting eliminated at TI. At some point in life we enter into deep despair, where all hope seems lost, usually due to our actions in the past. We keep thinking of what could have been, should have been, filled with regrets. It takes an undying will, to keep pressing forward, to keep fighting whatever life throws at us, all while battling our inner demons. I feel that's what connects all of the Dota community, our ability to endure hardship.For me, I choose to live in the present, to give my all, without having any regrets. Together with the support of my friends and family, I hope to one day achieve my dream of holding the Aegis of the Immortal at TI with my teammates. I'm proud to announce that Team Undying is not making any roster changes. If only you guys could see the bromance messages they send each other on discord. The love, respect, and kindness these guys possess, have humbled me as a captain. I will do everything to protect this team. We are Team Undying and our motto is "SHINZO SASAGEYO", we will continue playing together in the next DPC season, as we strive to become the bedrock of NADota.

Thank you to all the fans of Dota, this wouldn't be possible without you guys.
David "MoonMeander"Tan

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