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19th Oct 2021 from TwitLonger

the future of the PUBG Memes Duo Tournament

Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this. 280 characters weren't enough for me to talk thoroughly about this.

The PUBG Memes Duo Tournament has been a foundation of the stream for almost a year and a half now. I built the tournament cause nobody was doing non-professional tournaments in a more fun and creative way. It ended up being an instant success. From the first tournament, we've had so many different players, big streamers, small streamers, community members, and just random people who happen to play PUBG who had never seen my stream before. We've given away almost $5000. It's been an absolute blast.

That being said, I'm moving on from the PUBG Memes Duo Tournament. It's been clear to me in the last few tournaments that the spark just isn't there anymore. There's been fewer signups, fewer viewers, and less support during the tournament stream. More importantly, PUBG still hasn't improved their custom games system or increased the number of game saves, making running this tournament even more difficult, and giving me less desire to continue running it, and even less desire to continue innovating it to make it more appealing.

As many of you know, this tournament was a lot of work. It was worth every second, but at some point, I have to think about the benefits versus the work. It just wasn't making sense anymore.

So.. is the tourney getting replaced by another tourney? Yes, however, I am only committing to this tournament type for 1 tournament, I'm going to see how it is received and how much interest and support it gets.

The PUBG Sweat Duos Tournament #1 will be in December. Signups will be in the discord as usual, link here Expect the signups to go up in late November.

As always, thank you to everyone for playing, watching, and supporting the PUBG Memes Duo Tournament. It's been a crazy journey, and I think we'll revisit this kind of tournament in the future, for sure. It's not a goodbye, but rather, a see you later.

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