Twitch pay out stolen might be related to the leak?

Hey guys, I want to write about an issue that has occurred with my account, specifically regarding pay-out.

Twitch Pay-out happens on the 15th of each month. Today, when I checked my account to see if money arrived from the pay-out, I realised it hadn’t arrived yet, so I checked my e-mail and saw the Twitch e-mail confirming that the payment was made:

After checking my dashboard (Picture shown below), you can see in all previous months, that pay-out was done with wire (To my own account) but this month it was changed to PayPal:

What has happened is someone has gained access to my account, changed my pay-out from wire to PayPal and added their own PayPal, which appears to be a temporary throwaway email.
I had changed my password after the Twitch leak occurred but didn't check the pay-out section, as you need 2FA to access this, which is linked to my phone and I have had enabled for a while already. I contacted Twitch immediately after I realised what happened, and got this from them as an answer:

Normally when you sign in to a Twitch account you get an e-mail for this and also one if pay-out details are changed. Since the leak, I have had 20,000 new spam e-mails, so it’s possible that it is hidden in there, however I filtered for Twitch emails and didn't find anything. The issue remains that with 2FA enabled, someone managed to change the pay-out details to a PayPal account not belonging to me what so ever.

So basically even if someone had my password (which I changed right after the leak out of safety) They would need acces to my F2A which is trough my phone and need the code send to my phone to change the pay out data.

Not only one with this issue link to article:

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