Jesper Wecksell · @JW1

14th Oct 2021 from TwitLonger


As of today i am released from my contract and will be entering free agency.
A pretty emotional but also pretty exciting day, I want to thank everyone who has been a part of the journey for everything they have given me throughout my career.
But i would like to give an extra thank you to some key people in this 8 year long story, beginning with @cArn who believed in me all these years, he was always there for me and my problems, ingame or outside the game and for that i will be forever grateful.
and also to @znajdsanity @DevilwalkCSGOD @flusha who i started this adventure with almost 9 years ago, that friendship is something i will always remember and im sad I didnt care about it more some times.

I will work hard on my game, try to stream some and try to play in as many qualifiers as possible until i know whats next for me
In the end, all in all its been one hell of a ride but nothing lasts forever and it is time for me to start writing the next chapter.

My last chapter was 8 years, 3 majors, 25 titles and now i am ready for my next, are you?

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