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11th Oct 2021 from TwitLonger

What happened with @AqualixOfficial:

Clearing the air on what happened between us (@Yukizillah, @SirDelLive & me) and @AqualixOfficial

There has been a lot of rumors and speculations, so I figured it was appropriate that I cleared it up. Aqualix did not honor the contract they signed with me and my teammates and I am therefore no longer bound by the contract nor the NDA in it.

It is a long story and I'll spare you all most of the details, but in essence, they suddenly stopped paying me and my teammates and after some attempts to figure out what was going on, where Aqualix kept coming up with stories about payments being made already, they gave us the message that they had to cancel the contract because of lack of funds and they were proceeding with insolvency filing. I then asked for the name of the administrator of the insolvency proceeding so that I could file a formal claim for the money Aqualix owes me according to the contract. They have since not been able to come up with a name, which could indicate that they are not proceeding with bankruptcy, adding to their already long list of strange messages they have sent. If a company files for bankruptcy then there are strict rules for protecting the people that the company owes money and apparently Aqualix is not concerned with this.

The experience with Aqualix has cost me a lot of money and time, but I am fortunately in a good place with other exciting opportunities for continuing my pro-gaming career within Apex. I will fill you in once they are firmly in place.

I know that many others who wish to play Apex Legends or other e-esports are looking for organizations to play for. My experience with Aqualix is a lesson for me to not only study the contracts more carefully but also to fully understand the people behind these organizations and how their track record is with other players and teams.

It's important to mention that Aqualix is still active, with active rosters and an active Twitter profile.

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