ChatBanned x Valorant

I'm writing this Tweet to announce that I'm no longer a player of the Team ChatBanned. I will also no longer play Valorant competitively for the time being.

I don't even know where to begin with this, words can't express what I feel right now, it's like a big part of me has died. I'd like to clarify that it was entirely my decision that I had to take. I won't write too much, but I had to leave due to personal reasons. I had to prioritise my life, hence why I won't even play the game nor play the tournaments under any different team. I would love to come back one day, because being a pro was always my dream, however with what is going on right now I am not sure whether this is a possibility, and whether I will be coming back at all. I would like to thank every single person who has been involved in ChatBanned. Every girl from this team is like a damn family to me. These 7+ months has been the best moments of my entire life and I would give up everything to relive these moments again.

I'd like to thank everybody who believed in me, cheered for me and has been there for me during the hardest losses and struggles. I will never forget the fact that I was going to quit Valorant right before CB has contacted me, but these girls had something in them that I had to go for and give it a go - the best decision of my life. I thought I'd be able to go through this with a few tears only BUT I CRIED LIKE A LITTLE KID for the entire day and night. I'm even sobbing right now writing all this. Not even exaggerating, I will always be grateful for all the people I have met through the entire journey. I have learnt so much, grown so much as a player and most importantly - as a person. I wish every single player to experience something like this in their life, to have these irreplacable teammates with the warmest hearts, that I have had. Fuck I'm gonna cry tonight again, gg go next...

I want to thank everybody outside of ChatBanned as well, I have met some incredible people who have became MY BESTFRIENDS that I'd LITERALLY DIE FOR. I love all of you with my entire heart and I'm beyond fucking proud seeing you all getting signed, winning tournaments, being recognised as you deserve. Through this entire journey I have learnt so much, observed some insane female players who became my inspiration. You girls will show everybody your true strength and I will be watching you and screaming my lungs out from the fucking crowd YALL BETTER GET ME VIP TICKETS TO SOME LANS...

I remember the first Huntress Trials edition (which is my first ever female tournament), where a group of friends (who barely play the game) invited me to this, only so I can get recognised, because they believed in my potential. I will never fucking forget this Caitlin, I love you so much for this, I will forever be grateful that you have opened up so many doors for me by doing this. Without you, I would not be where I am and who I am, because I would not even participate in this and I would NEVER have experienced ChatBanned, and I would have not even met these incredible people who mean the world to me right now.

I want to say so much but there isn't a single word that will perfectly mirror my feelings. I wanna talk about each of my current teammate because I want them to remember how I feel about them, and this will never change.

Danah - I have never, EVER, EVER EVER EVER met a better IGL in my entire life. You're the most hardworking, dedicated and the strongest fucking girl AND PERSON IN GENERAL that I have came across. It was a LITERAL honour to play by your side, to experience the wins and losses with you. You are one of my biggest inspirations in life, and I have learnt so much from you it's insane... I wish everybody saw the fucking sweat and hard work you have put for us as a team and for us as individuals. You could give up every second of your free time for each girl in Chat Banned if there is something wrong. You spent so much time helping us, when we were down horrendous you always worked your ass off to 200% and it always showed how much this means to you. You're literally like a fucking warrior, you can be losing 900000 tournaments in a row but you will still follow your goals, looking for improvements on how to be better the next day. I will never forget how you focused on each and one of us mid scrims/tournaments although this has affected your own game, because you wanted to lift us up from the struggle. You're like a mum I swear to God, you always cared for us and I wanna fucking cry knowing that I haven't had a chance to sit next to you on bootcamp and high five you ya5i, when you fuck them up with your Raze rocket. I love you from the moon and back and none of this would have happened if you weren't here, you are the core of this team and I will always say this. I wish you all the best, I wanna see you win and I will always cheer for you 7bebti

Julie - oh putain Julie I don't even know where to start, I am so happy that our friendship has been becoming stronger and stronger throughout these months, how we became clip buddies sending our whiffs to each other and laughing because we are fucking bitches HAHHAHAHAH. I hope that Danah will not stop dropping you a Classic skin, AND I HOPE YOU WON'T EVEN HAVE TO ASK FOR IT. But on a serious note, you are so fucking talented in this game, you never stop to amaze me with your 90000 iq baguette moments in this game. I love speccing you, it's like cinema honestly just give me popcorn and a notepad so I can note down your fucking plays. You deserve so much recognition, you deserve to be playing for the best teams in the world. I am more than sure that I'll see you win a tournament one day because you are working so hard for it and your skills are more than fucking enough for this. Please stop putting yourself down and tilting and screaming in French when your mic is muted. You're literally unbeatable and I would be scared to be faced against you. I wish you all the best for the future and I love you the most JE T'AIME.

Mary - oh my God if I said everything what is going through my head right now we would need a whole ass Harry Potter series of books to even capture a bit of what I wanna say. Mary, if I'm honest, FULLY HONEST, you will always be a top 1 player in my eyes. This is not even exaggerated. You have pulled off plays that I never even imagined, you have outplayed people through both brain and aim, you have done things that motivated me to become like you. I always wanted to play like you. I always admired you, and I always looked up to you in this fucking game. If I counted how many times my jaw has dropped because you fucked everybody on the enemy then idk man I'd need a calculator and a pythagoras theorem to follow it all up. I always see you grinding this game, trying so hard by learning from others, learning from your own mistakes, accepting criticism and willingly learning from it. This on its own proves that you fucking deserve the best and you deserve to be recognised in esports. If you're ever coming back to this game, the team that will pick you up is the luckiest team existing. I can easily bet my enitre bank account (even if it's 10 dollars tho cus im poor polak) on this team to win because you're simply in it. I have seen your worst and best states, you have improved so much through the entire time ever since we met, and you are a perfect example on how to actually work on yourself. But most importantly Mary, you have become my bestfriend, my sister, my soulmate, the person I can fully trust and I would take a bullet for. You've taken a place in my heart that no one has taken, and I'm beyond fucking proud of you. Seeing you succeed, getting the recognition you deserve, seeing other female players looking up to you and being fucking scared to peek you is just making me smile every time, even right now as I'm writing this. It hurts so much seeing you leaving, because the amount of dedication you have put into this is what some can only imagine. You know I could write much more but bro we gon run out of paper for sure. I love you so much and I wish you all the best in school and in life, you are the strongest fucking person and you will go through the thickest shit there is. But bro idk how you play with your one leg up that shit's embarrassing. JK JK <3

Xaline - Although we haven't had a chance to play for a long time, we have clicked very quickly and I am SO FUCKING HAPPY that I had a chance to play a whole tournament with you. You're so smart and so intelligent, even in our first try outs you already made me shocked with your incredible decision making on KJ. You always impress me in this game I swear to God. I see you grinding on your stream and off your stream, girl go get that Radiant you deserve it. But you are more than just a Radiant. Je t'aime big time and thank you for dropping me ZED Classic bro you're so adorable. I wish we could have played more, because we would have achieved SO MUCH WITH YOU. You are the reason we went so far. I will never forget the day you joined us. Thank you so much for staying calm and focused even though we had moments where we were down bad, unfocused. You always had your head in the game and you always showed a champion mentality. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST, you will dominate this scene, you're the best KJ in my eyes.

I would also like to thank Kiki, the purest soul, the loveliest girl that I had a chance to play with at the start of ChatBanned. Kiki THANK YOU for all the incredible moments, for your kind words each time I struggled, for your amazing energy that always lift us up, for simply YOU. I wish you all the best with what you are doing right now, and I LOVE YOU!

Also thank you Wathena and Jduh who have been part of this team at some point as well, I see you girls getting into teams and getting far with your hard dedication KANKA BOTH OF YOU DESERVE THIS! You're such lovely and kind people, and I can see this game means everything to you. Thank you for fun and exciting time, SENÄ° SEVÄ°YORUM BOTH OF YOU.

I apologise for such a long Tweet, but this means the entire world to me and I had to make it long. It's like 30% of what I actually wanna express, but we ain't a library to hold up all the words that I wanna say. THANK YOU AGAIN EVERYBODY, I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, I WANNA SEE SOME CRAZY FEMALE VALORANT WHEN I WATCH YOUR GAMES <3!

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