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1st Oct 2021 from TwitLonger

My future endeavours

As most of you have probably seen by now, I've decided to leave DREAM. I've stayed with the organisation for over a year, and I honestly only have positive things to say about the organisation & players. The organisation handled the situation with much respect which I am very grateful for.

The decision itself comes as a product of a unique opportunity to get an IEC Visa in Canada, where I can stay longer term with work and residence. The journey is something I've thought about doing since I was very young, as two of my other big passions always have been skiing and travelling in general. It has been an incredibly hard decision, but I've realised that it just isn't worth sacrificing this opportunity for what really only is a 1,5 season break from competitive CS.
In conclusion; I am taking a break until March next year (about four months).

However, I will be coming back, where I will be looking to compete once again - this time as an AwpAbuser! =)

If you have any interest in following my time in Canada, I will be posting stories and more on my Instagram: @jenstoennes

I want to wish @DREAM_gg_, @zibronCSGO, @VaegtenCS, @kroK_CS, @AnleleleCS, @PhoeyCSGO & @HeavyGodCS the best of luck in the coming months! Prove those doubters wrong and I'll see you in a few months time on the server 😉

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