This season will be the last season of Grandmasters for me

Hey guys! I don't usually post anything on twitter because I don't feel comfortable with using English (sorry for the typo and bad grammar :P) also I haven't got anything good to post :/
But this time, I thought I had to post something because I wanted to thank to all the supporters who have cheered for me and I thought some of you would wonder why I quit.

So why do I quit Grandmasters? Its kinda complicated but mostly because I think I have lost my passion in hearthstone. I think many of you would have already noticed that Its been a while since I haven't made any sick plays or brought any cool lineups. I just kept bringing same decks every weeks and haven't even practiced a lot, which was really frustrating because at the first season of GM I was really passionate and tried my very best.

And why have I lost my passion? To be honest, I've been playing hearthstone already for 8 years lol, Also my best friends and teammates, they quit hearthstone when GM first came out.
I felt alone playing in GMs. I think I wanted more friends that I could talk about the games and build the lineup together and sometimes I could flex my ranks. Without them I felt just alone when I'm playing hearthstone, that's why I started playing hearthstone less and less.

But please don't get me wrong, its not like I think GM is the problem nor I hate HS esports right now, but it's more like I feel tired all after playing HS for 8 years. I think I am now going through burn-out and it doesn't seem to get better soon. But I do still like watching HS esports and streams, I just don't want to play myself.

So what's next?
I'm not leaving HS forever but gonna focus on streaming for now(maybe mostly playing Mercenaries coming soon). I might come back in HS esports someday and maybe play some ladder and MTs if I feel like I want to. until then I'll be cheering for other GMs and be enjoying their plays.
Thank you all for always cheering for me and being nice to me ^^

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