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28th Sep 2021 from TwitLonger

The Truth

HII, I wanted to write this so you guys know the truth. I've never boosted anyone, I've never been boosted, NO ONE has ever been on my accounts. I have nothing to do with any of this shit because it stems from someone not liking me and reporting me and they have friends at Riot that can get me banned....Someone in the anti cheat of Riot has targeted me and since they have the power, their abusing it. Look at it this way, The anti cheat would only target me if 1. A Third party software was used(they got nothing). 2. ACTUALLY BANNING MY ACCOUNT(they only suspended me from riot sponsored tournaments) they have nothing, no proof or evidence. THIS IS A TARGETED ATTACK AT ME. IVE DONE NOTHING WRONG. What I was told is someone doesn't like me and they talked to their friend at riot and wanted me to be completely banned from my accounts and tournaments, they don't have enough "evidence" so they can't even touch my accounts. This person in the anti cheat had no power to ban me because they are ANTI CHEAT, so they took it to the higher ups and got them to suspend me. That's why in the email I received its says . The anti cheat has nothing to do with boosting unless they're manually targeting someone. This solely comes down to someone being obsessed with me and because they have connections they can do this TO ME AND ANYONE ELSE...

When I woke up on the day I was suspended I was being spammed with calls and text etc. I was told by my teammates to read my email, I seen I was suspended from playing and instantly started crying, I had a panic attack. I couldn't stop crying I was shaking so much and my parents were freaking out because they know how much I grinded to get to this point. My team was the upset this tournament we took out signed and unsigned teams to make us the only unsigned team to place top 8. The past month of my team grinding we've scrimmed, vod reviewed, watched berlin and learned from their vods, made countless of strats together, watched our opponents vods and took notes, early mornings and late nights grinding just so we can all improve In the short time we had. I deserve to be playing in this tournament as much as anyone else and its sad that I'm falsely suspended. PLEASE SOMEONE AT RIOT HELP. Look into who you have hired because this is just so wrong.

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