How to Play Lazy Lake

This is my strategy for how to play Lazy perfectly in 3v3 or 3v3v3 environment.

In 3 versus 3's custom lobbies:


Perfect dropmap for insurance made by me:

Player 1 and Player 2 lands insurance building which is the most important building, communication on these 2 players has to be good and quickly talk about who has best drops for what floordrops on the roof and who doesn't, these 2 needs to have best drops and big dicks cause it's full 50/50 and good e-pressing. This building gives every single control, when other people see you have better drops they tend to land low main, fish, maybe even villa. Which is exactly what you want, them to have no structure in how to play, cause they've been outdropped and also no matter where they go (gas station, fish, villa, basement they're getting hard outlooted) + if they go any of these spots, just make sure you push 1 of the players solo fast with gas cans. Gas cans in Lazy is hard op, almost every building mid floor is wood, so it just burns almost everything and it's impossible to play from if you're the team boxed up defensively.

Player 1 and 2 mid glide to insurance has to determine whether they're uncontested on insurance or not, if they are 1 player has to claim gas station or villa, I would prefer gas station cause if you get 1 shotgun and 1 other gun from gas station you have +170 health, alien, 1/2 gas cans, mats and can punish the team before they even get loot and give your team time to come with everything.

If a team triple stack insurance building, you can win it easily if you just have top floor (best drops) cause they have 0 angles and loot there, and the guy on main coming instantly after getting the 3 chestspawns giving more angles. If you get outdropped for top insurance, I would recommend you to go 1 gas station, 1 benjy and then bunnyhop into low part and then ofc the 1 guy on top of main. This is a very bad situation, but just make sure that the guy on main solo will get pushed instantly and also need to loot quickly and go towards pool house, this could work if you're simply a better fighter than your opponents but still not ideal. You lose alot of loot and movementum, but this could work cause of aliens etc, just make sure you get gas station for minis and your opponents doesn't (you can destroy the vending with 1 build so just buy and destroy to grief them).

When 50/50ing top insurance, some of my drops can't reach the top roof of insurance, but this is where you use the umbrellas. the umbrella next to the chest is perfect for all roof floordrops, so just go in and practice it with my dropmap.

Main guy:

I don't have dropmap for top main since I didn't land there, but shouldn't take long for a team to make / find this.

Player 3 goes for top floor on main. He goes for the chest if there's a chest, because if an enemy lands on the floordrops he can get assistance from the insurance team quickly, and punish the player on main. He just needs to make sure he plays the insurance angle, and only take fights where insurance can help, if it's the first 10 seconds of the fight.
If a full trio 50/50s Player 3 on main, he mid glide has to determine to go to Benjy.
If he doesn't feel like he can win the fight, he has 2 options, dip midglide to benjy or land top floor and play time for insurance to help. Having 3 Players in main is fully awful, so insurance players can easily come wipe the team with gas cans again, just important Player 3 plays time or decides to go Benjy and not die.

If player 3 dips to benjy cause double/triple con in main, be aware that main team could push him solo, or push the 2 players insurance quickly. I would go for angles instantly on the main team so they lose all their shield trying to come, instead of them getting beams on us.

This player should be low ping, and also a good fighter and also have scroll wheel pickup binded! if there's a chest and another player is 50/50ing, make sure you're NOT opening the chest but swinging your pickaxe whilst trying to pickup. Also do NOT go inside the "hole" if another player went in there first, cause if he landed first and he decides to not open the chest he wins by default just cause he pickaxed you first, its better being on the railing pickaxing and also trying to pickup.

In 3v3v3 lobbies:
Playing 3v3v3s is very very hard cause there will always be 1 team landing benjy and pool house just waiting for the fight to begin. If you know you're double contested, I would tripple stack insurance building, and then see if I could claim villa, basement and modern (fish spots) afterwards and then wait for the teams to fight for a thirdparty. These teams probably will not fight cause Benjy landers is hard pussies and never pushes anyone, and usually just dips south to loot if the teams is not fighting.
So tripple stack insurance, dip towards the houses wait for them to fight, if they're not fighting try go to the hills and claim loot if you want to be secure.

You can also land Benjy and be the pussy team, it's very self explainatiory, just land 2 benjy (1 takes gas station if you're uncontested benjy) and 1 poolhouse, dip south for mats and wait for the 2 teams in Lazy to fight for thirdparty with aliens and gas cans. Nothing much to be said here.
Dropmap for top Benjy chest:
I don't have a dropmap for poolhouse, cause I didn't land there.

In Cash Cups

I would do this exact strategy based on how many games I have and how we need to play. If we had alot of spare games, we liked to land normally like this since it's the most efficient way to win Lazy quickly and also get easy kills. If we have had bad games and needed to play late game, I would be the pussy team landing Benjy/poolhouse and then just go south and check if catty/misty/camp rod was uncontested to get good loot and just play full late game.

I probably missed a few things but I just wrote this quickly since im at my girlfriends house, will write under comments if there's anything important I've missed.

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