Hey guys, as of now, I would like to formally announce that I will plan to return as a player, starting from next split. After my time at Splyce I felt like I was in need of a bigger break away from League and during this period I could try out a few other things that I have always wanted to. Snatched myself a driving license as well! In the meantime though, having had the time to settle my thoughts and feelings, I started to enjoy League more and more and found my motivation once again.

In the recent months I have been spamming soloq and focusing on getting back in shape. I have reached challenger relatively fast, been recently the rank 1 Poppy in the world and feeling in a great shape already. During my time at MAD Lions as positional coach I have also had the chance to recover my, lets call it "LEC knowledge". My main motivation to come back is to be the very best and to reach what I have come close to multiple times, but haven't managed to get so far: the LEC title. Therefore, if teams are looking for a top laner, feel free to reach out to me!

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