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2nd Sep 2021 from TwitLonger

Last season of GM

Since early 2021, I have slowly lost the motivation to play the game. I was lucky enough to have a great practice group and a control meta for me to avoid relegations last season so my last season didn't happen sooner. I wasn't playing the game enough and my shaky plays definitely shows its during broadcast. I wasn't really sure if I was burnt out of the game or is the game just not as fun for me anymore. But then I realized that mindset has completely changed. Last MT was the first tournament that I brought triple aggo lineup in my 5 years career of competition. It wasn't because that I think they were the best bring, it was just because I believe I could make the least amount of misplays with them and get lucky. This mindset makes me realize its probably time for me to leave and like muzzy said give young blood a shot for their dreams. Talking to Nalguidan has made me realized a lot of good South American players weren't able to just compete in prelims because of travelling fees made me realized how lucky I was to be able to even to compete. I know that they would definitely have a better shot of making NA proud than me with my current performances.
In my darkest days, hearthstone saved my life. There were moment in life that I was not sure the purpose of being alive. I feel like I was just living the same life every single day. Hearthstone gave me a goal to wake up every day and be excited, I would theory craft on my way to school, practice after class in a discord call with a bunch of friends discussing different techs and lineup. I would dream about hearthstone all the time.
Although I really wanted to make worlds at least once before quitting, I know that with my current love and passion toward the game it's not going to happen, and even if a miracle does happen I'm just going to be an embarrassment as the NA representative.
The only thing that I will truly miss is all the friends that I have met in this wonderful journey. Hearthstone gave me a platform to meet a bunch of people all over the world. Having friends that have the same goal and hobby was just the best feeling ever. Really wish when the pandemic ends at least some MT can be offline again so I can see my friends again. Really appreciate all the people I've practiced with all these year, would not have the results previous years without you all.

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