My Response

To Everyone,

The past few days have been a difficult time for a lot of people, including my family, friends, and the entire community as a whole. For me, it has also been a time of personal reflection.

There have been many stories and feelings shared about some of my actions over the years within the D&D community. I have been processing a lot and want to address matters as best I can. I realize I will not be able to repair much of the damage that has been done or properly share my full perspective, but I owe an explanation and apology to all those effected.

The truth is, I have developed and engaged in a wide range of relationships with people over the years – some of them leading into sexual territories and times when I made mistakes and was selfish. I never sought out relationships purely for sexual purposes, and to be absolutely clear, I have never engaged in nonconsensual activity. These were relationships that developed as genuine friendships. I greatly valued these friendships and still do, yet I have been unfair to many of them, and I am sorry for the hurt I have caused them.

In addition to being unfair to my friends, I have also been unfair to my wife Tiffany. Last week, Tiffany became aware of these relationships and my communications with people that crossed boundaries within our marriage. Understandably, she was heartbroken, and I tried to do as much as I could to salvage the situation. This included attempting to edit and delete messages I had exchanged with different people, as well as reaching out to them to explain I would not be able to continue any sort of professional or personal association. This was a painful experience, and as a result, I have learned and reckoned with many of the mistakes I have made.

One of the things I regret most is that I’ve now hurt people who I have greatly cared for over the course of many years – people I have confided in, and who confided in me. These are people who have helped me overcome personal challenges when I needed their support, and who I have shared truly meaningful experiences with. It has become clear that I’ve betrayed those relationships, and again, I am deeply sorry for that.

I want to be clear and encourage everyone to support Tiffany during this time. Tiffany has been my truest friend. Even with my mistakes and all of the ups-and-downs, she has shown me a lot of grace over the years. She will always be a part of me, and I will always love her.

To those who have been reaching out, I am sorry that I have been unresponsive – I don’t know where to begin in explaining everything or apologizing to so many of you I have let down. I have removed myself from Callous Row, Verum, and other D&D spaces as I don’t want to cause any further harm in a community that means so much to me. I will not be streaming as I continue to reflect on my actions and seek therapy for personal issues I have struggled with for some time.

In the meantime, I wish nothing but the best for everyone involved in this situation and the wider community.

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