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29th Aug 2021 from TwitLonger

Who MsDirtyBird really is.

Hello! I haven't done one of these before but here I go! Today I got accused of creating an account called MsDirtyBirdShouldDie and following the streamers @Trihouse and @KingAlfredo_. She has announced this publicly on her twitter and has provided no evidence to back up any of these claims. (This tweet has since been deleted but I do have a screenshot of said tweet) During this time where the follow happened I was playing the game Apex Legends with a good friend of mine @KingAlfredo_ (who you should all follow by the way). You can check his VOD and see that I was playing with him on stream right up until 5 minutes before he ended stream and that I was even in the stream while she was in KingAlfredo's chat talking about the account MsDirtyBirdShouldDie. Now that I have given my Alibi I would like to show the world who MsDirtyBird really is!

MsDirtyBird is not the nice person that you see in chats around twitch! She is a pathological liar and I would like to bring examples and evidence of these lies to you all today!

1. MsDirtyBird claimed in January of 2021 that she had brain cancer and lung cancer that was metastatic and that she was getting a lung transplant after having brain surgery. She then proceeded to deceive people in Trihouse's general chat in discord by posting fake updates on her visit into the hospital.

The two pieces of evidence that I have here backing up this claim is a twitch clip from her sister's stream saying that she lied about cancer and that it hurt her sister very dearly due to a passing from cancer in her family. (Link below)


Another piece of evidence that I have backing up this claim is an admission of guilt from MsDirtyBird herself saying that "Yeah, I lied about having cancer and shit" and you can go to 3:49 in the video in order to listen in on that where she show's no remorse for it where she did claim she has stopped lying since then and that she got the help she needed which is false. (Link Below)


She has not just lied about having cancer, she manifested a whole story and series of events in order to gain sympathy and attention from people and has used that to build the foundation of this so called "community" that she has made. (Evidence below)

"Update Day 7 (Officially one week!) - Last night was really rough, I haven't gotten any sleep. The doctors were saying I might need a lung transplant and a few others too. They won't know until they open me up to take a look but they can't do that until I'm a little stronger from my last surgery. If I go in for another surgery right now, I have a higher chance of not surviving it. I spent all day yesterday with the doctors and they were trying to get me to move around a bit more and I was able to. I still can't hold my head up by myself but I'm getting there."

This is a direct quote from #general in Trihouse Treehouse discord and you can go look at it if you don't believe me. As well as there are many more examples of her lying about it. She has also claimed that she has worked at a police station and has made up stories of when she used to "work" at a police station, catching bad guys, and perverts and stuff like that which is false according to this clip. (Link Below)


She has also threated to ban her sister, her own sister from her stream if her sister kept talking about how she was telling the truth, HER OWN SISTER. Even after MsDirtyBird's sister had told her how much she loves her stream she still threated to ban her and expel her from her community. MsDirtyBird has also lied about her education and has made claims that she has a degree in Computer Science but in realty she hasn't finished her high school diploma as per the clip provided below (Link Below)


I used to be a supporter of MsDirtyBird, I've donated bits, subscribed to her and even convinced some of my friends and streamer buddies to raid her only to look like a fool and an idiot in the process.

2. She has claimed since January that she has gotten the help that she needs but we can debunk that as false information. This year, I had the wonderful opportunity to watch a charity event and Guinness world record be formed by the wonderful community that is community workshop games! I knew many of the people that were participating in it and thought it was a wonderful thing to come to fruition. Community Workshop games made a wonderful event and even made a fundraiser for the National Kidney Foundation and raise money for a good cause.

When MsDirtyBird was contacted about the event she went into Trihouse's chat and made the statement (Actual quote from chat logs)

"@Trihouse I got a twitter DM while on stream today.... Guinness World Records wants ME for an event because I'm the first female streamer to do a three year challenge!!!!!!!!!!"

MsDirtyBird saw the chance to make herself seem better than other people, more important than other people and she took it, what was supposed to be an event about community she ended up advertising that is was all about herself. She didn't even mention that the event was for a good cause, or that many people were invited, she just made it about herself, falsified the reason that she was invited for the event and made it seem like it was only about her, where in reality CWG made something amazing for everyone, not just her. This event took place on July 31st 2021 at 3pm USE which is well past the date in January where she claims that she hasn't lied since.

She also shows no remorse in lying in the fact that in July she had stated in a screenshot that she is "Truth didn't get out sweetie. I'm still thriving. Even more than I was." This comes from a screenshot conversation that happened in JULY (See post for attached picture).

3. She is also very toxic, I understand that with being a streamer comes great people who want to stay in your community but also comes the other side of the coin that includes trolls and people who genuinely want to cause chaos and get a rise out of streamers. Everyone has trolls but the correct way to deal with them is banning them and ignoring them not outright telling those trolls to go DIE. This a direct violation of TOS and I would never, no matter how bad trolls or people get ever wish harm upon someone like that. (Link Below)


4. She abuses her power. After she became suspicious that people were catching on to all the lies that she told she began to use her mod powers in other people's channels to ban me and some friends that I associate with. This shows how much she really "Supports" other creators. I am as a viewer on twitch, I can become a potential regular viewer, community member, supporter and fan of any creator but without basis she has denied me the ability to do so because of an issue that she has with me. This is a direct message from one content creator that was kinda enough to reach out to me and inform me about this issue. (Quote Below)

"So long story short. I knew nothing about Kaw (MsDirtyBird). She was mod in my stream. while I was offline she banned you from my stream. A different mod caught it and I unbanned you. She didn't have permission. I was caught up to date with her thanks to a wonderful someone. I'm done with her completely. Banned, and blocked everywhere. I can't stand liars. I highly suggest looking anywhere she was mod. She is trying to get you banned places."

The places I was banned I had never been to before, but I have then since been unbanned by the wonderful creators that host those streams and I continue to lurk, watch and participate in chat since then. This shows a clear abuse of power and is someone who doesn't want other creators to thrive. If she really supports these creators she wouldn't try to take away a potential support or viewer in their chats.

In conclusion, I love Rocket League and I love the community that I have been in. I have found some of my best friends in real life from this video game that involves hitting a ball into a goal with Rocket powered cars but I dislike to see people like this exist and ruin experience for others. I have fallen in love with the game and been able to make connections that I can have for many many years to come and I wish for positivity and no toxicity. I can simply say that in my opinion after all this evidence, I hope you can reconsider what kind of person MsDiryBird is, and spread the word, I do not want this type of person in tarnishing the Rocket League community and the orgs and wonderful creators that are in it.

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