We hear you. We see you.
We know that there's not been much discussed and a lot of opposing opinions and we are grateful for the challenge.

To be perfectly honest, it was rushed especially since the hate raids quickly turned into doxxing incidents on a wide scale. This was not perfectly planned and I know I had a big hand in that. However, the movement and the reasons for it have not changed.

I want to start off by saying by no means should ANYONE be threatening to ban/kick/disown anyone who is not partaking in #ADayOffTwitch. It is not a mandatory movement, but one who's foundation is in solidarity. There are many reason personally or professionally that one may not be able to participate. It is not up for us to decide someone else's reasoning. If there is apprehension, that's ok. Speak to people, don't demean or belittle them and ultimately respect their choice.

I will also say that with any movement, rally, protest there are unfortunately people who are outside of the loop. It has always been our intention to reach as many people as we can, however, realistically reaching everyone is not possible.

Second, there are things that we feel could be done that are within the realm of probability that would ensure the safety of marginalized creators being effected by these hate raids. We all know it isn't new, but it has worsened CONSIDERABLY over the last few months.

1.) Twitch needs to hold a round table with a group or groups of marginalized creators who have been effected so that way open and honest discussion can lead to the creation and implementation of proactive tool sets.
2.) Proactive protections that could be used or implemented immediately would be enabling creators to choose the account age of prospective chatters, adding a accept or deny button that mods can use to monitor incoming raids, requiring 2FA for all accounts, etc.
3.) Remove the ability to attach more than 3 accounts to a verified email.
4.) Provide us with transparency in time frame for implementing these tools.

We understand due to the nature of these attacks that we are not able to be fully in the know publicly, but we still deserve answers. "Eventually" as a time frame just isn't enough.

We also want transparency in regards to the Twitch Safety Advisory Council. It seems as though they have been gathered and pushed aside without being able to do what they were created to in the first place.

#ADayOffTwitch will happen on September 1st.
If you cannot or do not feel comfortable taking part but wish to support please continue to retweet, reach out, share articles. etc if AND ONLY IF you are comfortable.

You can also continue to support those who are impacted. If you want to continue to #SubOffTwitch ask creators if they have additional means of accepting tips through ko-fi, Fanhouse, Patreon, OnlyFans, etc. You can also ask if they've set up their tip pages to PayPal and suggest that they use a PayPal business account (It's free). Understand that some people are relying on sub money from Twitch so please use your discretion.

Change is never easy, and its never perfect. But we can do this. We will do this. Marginalized people deserve better.

Thank you all so much for all your support, for challenging us to do better, think smarter and work harder.

Please be good to yourselves!

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