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14th Aug 2021 from TwitLonger

End of an Era


As some of you may know I have been creating World of Warships content on both Youtube and Twitch for more than a few years now.
I started as a very happy, smiling and laughing person who wanted to show his skill and his love and dedication for this game.
I've been a part of WoWS since CBT and I have personally been involved in just about every aspect of it, from the hard core competitive scene where I was able to win all sorts of prizes to the absolutely crazy speshul tactics in random and training battles.
World of Warships is wonderful...however...WG is quite the opposite.
Throughout many years working with them behind the scenes as a Community Contributor I got to know them for what they truly are.
They used to listen, they used to take advice, they used to communicate, they used to be professional and most of all, they used to care.
That, I'm afraid, changed a few years ago.
They went from positive to absolute nightmare. I found myself struggling with depression and anxiety due to all the crap I had to put up with over the years.
They managed to ruin almost every aspect of FUN in WoWS because of their blindness and stupid ignorance and arrogance.
I have never seen anyone so bent on destroying their own product, lighting it on fire and then stomping on it with a smile on their face.
I can't begin to describe how disheartening, discouraging and heartbreaking being a CC in the past few years has been.
Every single piece of feedback any of us would give them would get dismissed, neglected and deflected as if we're brainless idiots.
The disrespect some of us were shown is something I would only wish on my worst enemies.
Being told day after day that the sky is purple, the air you breathe is water and that you're delusional is disheartening.
I've wanted to quit for a long time but I kept forcing myself to stay in this emotionally draining and abusive relationship for far too long.
I don't matter to WG, we as CCs don't matter to WG, YOU don't matter to WG...only your wallets matter and they will burn this game to the ground in order to get to your wallets.
To them, anyone who says anything opposite to what they want to hear is wrong.
Anyone who tried bringing up any arguments and logic was told to shut up – and they have more ways of telling you to shut up than bundles in the premium shop.
Anyone who tried presenting any evidence whatsoever was called VOCAL MINORITY.
I am sick and tired of having to read walls of text by certain WG employees, in which they explain how we're wrong and they're right, by pretending we don't have our own brains, eyes, ears and lives.

As if anything they say is the truth and we're just too dumb to understand it.

Now...I want to make a few things very clear.
I’m not saying that everyone at WG is a bad person or ill-willed, nor do they deserve anyones hate.
There are some wonderful individuals who were or still are a part of WG, and they’ve been doing their jobs very well.
I know that the stuff you're reading/watching now and will be in the upcoming days, will make some of you want to spread hate towards WG.
For this, the first place many will want go to is WGs stream and discord.

PLEASE understand this:
- most of the people who you actually see and are able to communicate with, are NOT the ones making the big decisions. Those people who make the big decisions are pretty much all behind curtains and invisible to general public
- it is not the fault of those on the front lines, that the big brain shotcallers are beyond disconnected from the community
Trust me, we as CCs know this better than anyone
Some people in the past have tried to show the public just what WG actually is and were misunderstood, and not only by viewers, but by some CCs as well.
The solution is not to show hate to those poor souls who will have to deal with the backlash, but to stop giving WG the only thing they care for - YOUR MONEY
If they could monetize the air you breathe while playing their game, they probably would.
If you want to continue playing the game, that is absolutely fine. Enjoy and have fun but stop feeding the monster behind the curtain.
The only way to stop them from overpricing everything is to show them that you WON'T buy it unless it's at fair cost.
THEY are the ones who decide how much something is worth and the stuff they sell is beyond expensive.

I took some time off the game and expected to be excited about coming back but I was wrong.
While I was away, I stayed in touch with other CCs and WG and couldn't believe stuff I saw and read.
I realized I can no longer be a part of this abusive relationship.
The moment I decided to leave I immediately started feeling better and happier about everything, including playing the game itself.
I will continue playing games I enjoy, streaming and creating content on Youtube, connecting with my community on Discord and tweeting about my life.
World of Warships is something I will continue to play for as long as I can have fun in it.
If I'm not happy I can't create content that will make others happy.
Being a CC for WG is something I will NOT continue to be, because they don't deserve it and it certainly doesn't make me happy anymore.
I can't with a good conscience and easy heart continue to be a part of something that lost all integrity and decency.

Effective immediately, I’m resigning from the World of Warships Community Contributor Program.


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