Benched? / What's next with me?

Good morning twitter, as you have already seen by the annoucements Movistar have decided to move me to the bench due to their interests being behind a full Spanish roster.

Things I would like to say to Movistar;
Firstly thank you to Movistar and every person running behind the scenes who you guys will never hear about, they made my time enjoyable aswell as easy. From the social media people to the players themselves thank you.
Secondly thank you for giving me a chance within the CS scene to still prove my worth, I feel we had some ups and downs but we finished how we started which was back to back wins in some very important events, and in those I wish the best to the new team going forward!
Quick thank you to every single fan who adopted me and cheered for us every game, it was my honour to represent you guys in every official match played. All I ask is to keep the same fire for the new roster because you are in very good hands now! Also please no hate towards Movistar for making this move, for the direction they are wanting to head going into 2022 and further it makes the most sense to make this move now and not in the future. I would make the exact same decision they are making if the roles were swapped so please don't be negative in anyway towards them for me❤️ thank you

To the new roster;
You guys will be the perfect team to represent the amazing fans of Spain, I'll be cheering you guys in all the events you have coming up and as I've already spoke with you if you ever need anything just message me and I'm there to help or give any advice needed. You all deserve the chance and I fully understand the choice being made and in all honesty I'm happy that its you guys replacing us because you are a talented bunch of players and deserve all good that comes to you.

To the old boys;
It was nothing short of entertaining the time spent grinded together inside and outside of the server, the hours spent learning each other as people and ourselves to try and help improve as a unit. (I won't ever forget the king Wim Hof breathing techniques hahaha). Alex thank you for pushing me each day to be better and give me nothing but matched effort. Mopoz thank you for being the special player that you are and filling me with joy everytime I stepped into battle with you. Shokz thank you for literally winning us games we didn't deserve to win with absolute disgusting crazy deag 3ks on ecos that we never deserverd. Lucas for being such a great person inside and outisde of the server and learning to work with me on issues we had together (this was a big one for me). Finally for the Bald man himself, King Galder as I like to call him. Not really sure where to start, I'm tearing up writring this because during our time you were very very patient with me and with that I thank you, for all the late night talks we had about life, our struggles it was really a pleasure to play along side you and with that I wish nothing but success and hapiness for you because I know how badly you want that. Sens, you already know I won't forget your crazy ass. Stay with the passion you have and make Movistar as great as I know they can be please. I love you all as brothers from the bottom of my British heart❤️

And that leaves me with my never ending unpredictable future, for now I will continue to stream and fight for the FPL championship because I'm not willing to lose the form I showed over the last season (and I need some form of competetion in my life). Status is benched but I won't be going anywhere, you'll see me live everyday @ My contract ends at the start of next year, Movistar won't be expecting a big buyout for me. With that said if any team are interested in my services please contact Movistar or DM me

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