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5th Aug 2021 from TwitLonger

LFT for ALGS Season & Tournaments

After post-champs, I've taken some time and have come to the conclusion that Lou and I clash way too hard in a competitive environment. For awhile the differences were manageable, I just had to put in more work to be more accommodable and finding a good middle ground, which I felt was for the better. Motivation to maintain that balance is needed on both sides and just wasn't really matched, so the combo became destructive. Vax has come to the conclusion that being stuck between these two opposites just puts him in a bad situation and he feels as though it's best to walk away and go on his own. I'm determined to be one of the top players in this game again and nothing will stop me from getting there. I wish both my teammates the best in their endeavor to find teams more fitting.

With that being said, I'm looking to find a new roster with teammates driven to be the best in this game. I'm open to any team/organization interested. Willing to IGL or just straight up shut up and shoot my gun.

Feel free to dm me with any questions or concerns anyone may have.

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