Poet Ahnaf's FR case taken up today(04 July)

Poet & Teacher Ahnaf Jazeem' s FR case was taken up in the supreme Court (502) today (04 July).

At the inception, President's Counsel Dr. Kanag Isvaran appearing for Ahnaf raised a preliminary objection to the pre-support limited affidavit filed by the 3rd Respondent, Director of TID, because it has been filed belatedly. He stated, in the event Court decides to accept the same, the Petitioner be permitted to meet Ahnaf in Remand prison and have a proper consultation and thereafter file the pre-support counter- afidavit. President's Counsel also mentioned that Ahnaf was not seen by a Judge in person even when the remand order was obtained. Court thus ordered that lawyers of Ahnaf be given access to Ahnaf to have a confidential consultation with him at the Colombo Remand Prison. The Petitioner was ordered to file the limited counter affidavit one week after such consultation with Ahnaf. The case was fixed for support on the 08 September.

Dr. Kanag Isvaran, PC appeared with Mr. AAM Illiyas,PC, Mr. Lakshmanan Jayakumar, Mr. Sanjaya Wilson Jayasekera for Petitioner today. Mr. Nerin Pulle DSG appered for 3rd Reapondent and AG.


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