my experience with crazyslick

I never thought I’d be making one of these but here we are. I was the girl that Novaruu was talking about in the clip-on LSF. (Link below)

On January 19th, 2020 I went to Novaruu's 21st birthday party and because I went with some of my closest friends, I believed it would be safe for me to enjoy myself.

I got very intoxicated and ended up blacked out. Leading the rest of this story what I've heard from multiple witnesses and how I feel about it.

I was told that I was kissing my best friend Ena, and another one of my close friends at the time, consensually. CrazySlick was following us around trying to kiss me, trying to kiss her, and at one point I was told that he and I ended up kissing.

Then apparently I was passed out in one of the rooms at the party and he came into the room while I was unconscious. He came into the room a couple of times after being asked to leave me alone each time, in two of those instances he touched my neck and chest saying he was: "just making sure I was alive" after being assured by my friends that I was okay as they were watching over me. Whether or not his intentions were out of genuine concern or not, I don't know.
To be clear: he did not r*pe me or assault me, but his actions DID make me uncomfortable.

All I can say is how I feel after this story.
I woke up to the text of a friend I just met that weekend (Screenshot 1).

I am very grateful to have my friends that kept me safe because I feel as if there is honestly no telling what would've happened if they were not there.
As someone who has been taken advantage of for my sexuality, and for being drunk in the past, this reinforced a lot of trauma for me. Knowing that he found Ena and I making out was "hot" and tried to get something out of it, is something that made me very uncomfortable. I can’t clarify any facts or even say what happened because I was black-out drunk and then, unconscious.

to clarify: me and slick have NEVER talked like that, he would say weird things in my chat and in my friend's chat and even try to get my friends to get me and him in a phone call together.

As for Nova, she had me blocked before today, for whatever reason. (Screenshot 2)
Nova had no right to air out MY TRAUMA on her stream when she wasn't even in the room to help, let alone, see what happened. I had to cancel all my plans today because of the stress this brought on me, and being pressured to talk about something I was not ready, AND AFRAID to talk about.
She unblocked me to tell me she talked about MY story and my other close friend's story on stream and for what? It was not her place to talk about my story and my trauma on her live stream. Then basically asking me to come out about it because she looks bad. (Screenshot 3 & 4)

She replied to her own tweet (Screenshot 5) acting like she was doing me a favor airing this out. If she truly cared she would have reached out to me before she went on stream to talk about it. I agree other girls should be aware of what happened but it was not her place to do it for me. Nova brought out my story to justify her opinion on Slick on Jon Zherka steam. Seeing how often she is in drama, to me this just feel like it was another way to try and stay relevant by virtue signaling and pretending she’s doing this for the greater good.

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Screenshot 2:
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