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29th Jun 2021 from TwitLonger

The fact about "For fun"

I think from now on, many ppl already realized that we have many issues inside/outside of the game and I didn't expect that this will be end up like this.

First of all, I was thinking about leaving the team start of this week. There are so many problems makes me to leave but the main reason was that some players in the team talked shit about me behind and I heard in the other way which is shit. After that, I completly lost my motivation and will to play the game and there was nothing we can fix when we lost our trust between each others.

For me I was thinking, even tho we are not good players, still good friends. But after what I heard, talking shit about me, I was just lost.
After that I couldn't focus in game, my body starting to hurts, back hurts, elbow gets fkd so I was rly sad.

So I decided to leave the team before the gameday, cuz it seems like the player who talked shit behind didn't want to fix the relationship. So I was gonna tell this conclusion after the game 4 bcs it still doesn't change that I need to play for this week.

But somehow our management decide to have meeting after the game 3(vs Isurus), which was the point the team explodes.

We talked about whats happening and what will happen next week and shit just before the gameday and aftet that everyone lost their motivation to play the game 4.

We didn't have banpick, or prepared strat for game 4. And everyone kinda knew that its our last game we play all together.

We defenitely missplayed the banpicks(ban Kaisa for no reason, we take Lucian into Gwen) and also fkd it up ingame too(our mid getting solokilled many times in a row). I even told them this could be my last game before I retire but that happens in game so I was rly emotional and all chat "We all playing for fun now" which does not mean that we r actually doing that, but mad at ourselves and myself.

I'm so sorry if you felt disrespected towards pro scene, or the fans. But it didn't mean that I'm actually disrespecting all of it.

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