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24th Jun 2021 from TwitLonger

Enough Time Has Passed. (F13 content we were forced to stop making) @fearthegun

Slumber Party
We did have plans for a "Slumber Party" clothing pack for F13. It was all the counselors in sleepwear attire. I actually setup a real life 1800 phone number that worked like an automated phone sex line. You could call it IRL. It had a pre-recorded message of our counselors saying silly sexy stuff like those dumb commercials from the 80's and 90's. It would have been fun. These assets were in the code, but the judge ruled that it wasn't "marketably viable". Meaning it needed to pass console certification, and it wasn't ready for that. So it might have looked done, but not in the eyes of the court.

We also planned a "Prom Pack" which would also include some props in game. We wanted to turn Crystal Lake into prom night. Tuxes, dresses, dance floor, that type of thing. We were modeling the dance floor like the one from the ship in Part 8. Even talked about turning the bird bath into a punch bowl, but allowing Jason to still use it as a kill spot.

Yes it was a new game mode. Kinda similar to Among Us. Everyone spawns as counselors. No Jason. You have to find the Part 5 mask. Then you can become Jason. We discussed forcing the player to have to "hide" to change back and forth. Perhaps the armoire/closet thing. The player could be killed if in counselor mode. If killed they drop the mask on the ground for the next counselor to pick up and become Part 5. We were building new escapes for this game mode that required 2+ counselors to escape. Like holding open a gate, etc. It had moments of fun, but needed more work.

Closing Thoughts
I felt enough time has passed to share these things with you. I know they are bittersweet. Some will lament, some will think they are cool ideas, some will be angry. I understand that anger, I feel it too. But I wanted you all to know that we loved this franchise and this game. We had big ideas for it. Ideas that we thought ya'll would think were fun, engaging, and rewarding. We wish it would have worked out differently.

Love and Machetes,


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