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14th Jun 2021 from TwitLonger

An update for everyone...

as many of you may know, I most likely wont be able to make to Major 4. I wont go into details but Its been a huge obstacle for me to overcome knowing i wont be there when it matters most. Unless by some last minute miracle, you wont see me there.Seeing my team compete on Stage/LAN and me not being able to play sucks. Clay and I have spoke alot about it and we’ve been so excited to play alongside each other on stage especially since we played against each other in the finals of the last LAN.

I’ve never been this open on social media but I have been trying to open up more and show support and love to everyone thats had my back and supported me along this journey:
-The struggled with my last team CDL team, then being dropped
-Everyone talking shit about how bad of a player I am
-Being a Free Agent for 4 months with no contract or no team wanting me.
-No guaranteed starting spot with NY at first, having that extra pressure to prove myself to everyone.
-My best friend (Tommy) stepping down from an injury. This one hurt alot since he was the sole reason i got on the team and we have always loved playing together.
-My very close relatives (uncle and Grandfather) passing away while competing during Stage 2
-The multitude of issues ive had this stage, with being denied at customs, all my equipment/stuff being shipped to America for the past 3 weeks, no internet for days, moms accident, controllers breaking during matches, playing at such a disadvantage for 4 league matches. etc etc

I know I will get through it and make it past this obstacle but it just really hurts at the moment. One thing Ive always been proud of is that I always get the compliment that I’m the happiest person people have ever met, and that just means so much to me. I seriously appreciate everyone that has showing me love this year, Seeing how much fans ive grown and the amount of support ive seen this year has been UNREAL. Thank you to the NYSL fam and everyone for the WASIM spams <3

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